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and so it is…

I begin today.  Turn the page {or at minimum, click the button} and start this thing.

Inspired by several blogs I’ve been reading {names jonesdesigncompany.com} and in tune with a new desire and passion in my life, I’m going to try out something new.  The goal is to find and share inspiration, whether that be related to my current field – advertising & digital media – or in some new areas I hope to branch out to.  I hope to share meaningful, interesting content with relevant commentary.  And, on a selfish level, I hope to learn and uncover more of me in the hopes of finding balance and focus in my life.

I’ve long used lyrics to express various emotions and periods of my life {proof positive of this is in my facebook photo albums} and to help better explain and define myself.  While I like writing my own words, I find so much meaning in song lyrics and they seem to say much more than I ever could.  So, as a construct to help craft and build this blog,  I’ll use lyrics to frame my posts and my thinking and, in turn, will hopefully introduce you to a few new songs or bands {or at minimum, a few lyrics you may not have appreciated before}.  I hope there will be many more defining characteristics that make you want to come back and read this blog, but this is where I will begin.

I begin today.

Inspired by: Damien Rice – The Blower’s Daughter

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