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why would you live anywhere else?

I have a big announcement to make – one that’s been trickling out to the masses overtime, but the finality of which is really only just now hitting me.  I am relocating to Denver, Colorado on FRIDAY.  Yes, FRIDAY.  The movers are coming, the truck will be packed, and my life will be uprooted from Brooklyn to Denver within the next 10-15 days.

While I haven’t packed a stitch of clothing or a single trinket in my apartment, last night, I started the tedious process of packing up my desk at work. And in doing so, I realized that 4 years at the same agency has landed me a huge stack of magazines, some useless doo-dads and a whole lot of files < I should probably stop printing so much >.  Hopefully I don’t have similarly sad realizations when we pack the apartment…

Before I can get overly excited for the adventure, I’m having a fit of wistfulness about the things we’re giving up in NYC. I showed my apartment to a potential new tenant and couldn’t help getting a little sad about all the perks and conveniences of our building (hello view of NYC and all of Brooklyn?). My doorman stopped me on the way in last night and said he heard the “bad news” that we’re leaving and said how much he’d miss us. I can no longer consider buying theater tickets, booking restaurant deals, or locking in my next Groupon for a gel manicure. And I most definitely haven’t checked everything off my “Must Do NYC” list. I’ve got to make time for Coney Island, the Cloisters, and Nobu on my first visit back to even scratch the surface!

Life over the next week will be consumed with packing, stressing, cleaning, stressing, a bit of working, stressing, goodbye partying, stressing, etc. I’m ready for the ride, but taking a moment to think “why would you live anywhere else” but New York?

Inspired by: Best Coast – The Only Place

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