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too long away from home ~ a turkey feast

Last Thursday was a pretty momentous occasion for me & T. Of course it was Thanksgiving, but for the first time, we were not with family on a big, important holiday and for the first time, we were in charge of cooking our entire meal. This may not seem momentous to those of you who do this every year for your friends & family. But for us, it was big.

Let’s just say we typically stick to a repertoire of about 10 go-to meals and it takes a lot to get me to want to cook { I do wish I enjoyed it more – any tips? }. So a menu that included a morning Angel Danish, an 8 lb turkey, stuffing, sweet potato casserole, stuffed mushrooms, pumpkin pie, and all the random sides { pickles and celery with cream cheese, anyone? } was pretty intimidating. But we did it!

angel danish. the last few minutes of baking. carving up turkey.

Of course for me, any “hosting” gig is also an excuse to decorate, so I had quite a bit of fun throughout our living room. On Wednesday night, I finally found time to scrub the labels off these perfectly-tinted Yellowtail wine bottles { I believe they were Sauvignon Blanc } and craft an awesome Thanksgiving printable to complete the side table vignette.

Another wildly simple touch was the update to our mini chalkboards { “LET US give THANKS” }. I’m so thrilled I got these guys at a flea market, because they are such a fun touch and so easy to update to match your mood or the season.

And, with our limited serving-ware and special-occasion dishes, it worked out perfectly that there were only 4 of us at the table! Plus, it made me finally realize the whole purpose of a wedding registry { now I can’t wait for that Vera Wang china I thought was a little silly and I’d never use… }!

As a side note, we had so many different drinks, we used 12 wine glasses, 4 water glasses, and 2 low-boys. WOW! And yet, we all survived the night!

pre-food table.

with all the food we could fit on the table.

So tell me – what was your favorite part of Thanksgiving? Did you cook your meal yourselves?


Credit: Dan Auerbach – Goin’ Home

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