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need a little christmas? ~ an easy update

Sometimes I feel myself getting into a funk and I know that it’s time to take on a creative project. I think it’s because I spend so much of my day on the computer { not necessarily a bad thing } that I often want to create something tangible and get my hands “dirty.”

And, the holiday season is a perfect time to tackle lots of projects, whether it be baking, decorating, or wrapping gifts – don’t you think? The only problem is when these projects seem overwhelming or too time-consuming to tackle in an evening. So, in the interest of balancing work, puppy time, and holiday events, I found an incredibly simple Christmas decor project.

Because I always travel over the holidays, I never buy a real tree for my apartment. I’ve learned to accept this by lighting lots of balsam candles and going through all the normal motions of setting up, lighting, and decorating our fake tree. But, the one thing that has bugged me for years is that we don’t have a tree skirt to really hide the “fakeness” of the plastic footing of the tree.

Thanks to instagram, I fell head over heels for this Furbish Studio tree skirt, but couldn’t justify the price tag this year. I also looked at Target but was uninspired by their $30-50 options. I felt I was in a bind until I found this $3 red felt tree skirt at the Dollar Tree { side note: why are there no items that actually cost $1 at Dollar Tree anymore? A rant for another day… }.

photo 1starting point

It wasn’t terrible in it’s original form, but I wasn’t a fan of the white fringe. But, I pulled out my glitter tape from Pick Your Plum { the best daily crafting deals } and thought it could really simplify and modernize this simple tree skirt — plus it made me feel better about ordering random craft supplies I probably don’t “need.”

In about 10 minutes — while juggling Petey Mac — I cut the fringe off in a neat line and then applied the silver glitter tape to the edge — so simple!

Tree Skirt_Glitter tape
silver glitter tape loveliness

Don’t get me wrong, I love big, intricate crafts and the sense of accomplishment that comes with putting your heart and soul into a project. But something that can be concepted and executed in the time in takes to get out of my parking garage sometimes is just what the doctor ordered.

Tree Skirt_Complete10 minute ta-da!

What quick & easy projects holiday projects have you done this year?

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    March 31, 2014 at 10:12 pm

    Love the blog change! Pretty.I bet you could ltlaoty make that tree skirt. Get a big piece of fabric you like and cut it into the shape of a tree skirt. Take a wide ribbon you like or a fabric cut into long strips (finish the edges), and by hand sew a running stitch along one edge of the ribbon/strips, scrunching the fabric down into ruffles of the size you like. Tie off your thread, then pin and sew your ruffles to the base skirt working from the outer edge inward. I don’t think it would take you long at all.

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