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it’s time ~ a new year’s ‘word’

As a general rule, I’m not extremely for or against making new year’s resolutions. I see a lot of hatred or passion for resolutions and I have to say, I fall somewhere in the middle. I like the idea of setting goals for yourself and taking a moment to think about what you’d like to achieve when starting a new year. But, by July, I’m sure I couldn’t tell you what my resolution was for any given year. So really…maybe there’s no point?

But this year I’ve heard a lot of chatter about choosing a single WORD to help define and shape your year versus a list of resolutions you may forget, or that are unrealistic. Perhaps this is not a new concept to some of you, but I’ve heard a lot about it this year and was particularly inspired to try out this technique when I read Emily’s post over at Jones Design Company about her word, embrace.

Thinking about 2013, it’s going to be a doozy – in a good way. But a doozy, nonetheless. Not only are T-man and I invited to 5 weddings on the east coast, we’re also planning and saving for our own {also on the east coast} and I’m a maid of honor in my best friend’s wedding. We’re also still getting settled in Colorado, getting used to life with Petey Mac, hosting visitors and exploring our new home. I wouldn’t have it any other way, but when I thought about 2013, all I could think of was BIG IMPORTANT to-do’s, not really resolutions or one word to help me survive it all.

But then I remembered a piece of advice a dear friend gave me when I got engaged. She said, on your wedding day, take time away from everything else and just go to a quiet place with your new husband. Take 5 minutes to just appreciate it and love one another; otherwise, it will fly by and be gone before you know it. That little tidbit has stuck with me and inspired me to define this year with…


There’s actually a part of the dictionary.com definition that says “a cessation of activity because of doubt or uncertainty” and that is most definitely NOT the kind of pause I want to be living in 2013. My hope is that my pausing will allow me to appreciate and live in the moment, find patience, and think/act more purposefully. Those are lofty hopes for one word, but that’s the whole point of a new year’s resolution, right?

Did you make any resolutions this year? Do you have a word you live by or one that you hope defines 2013?

Inspired by: Imagine Dragons – It’s Time


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