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Our Save the Dates (Part 2)

As you’ve may’ve already read in yesterday’s post, I’m obsessed with paper goods.

This made creating our save the dates wildly fun — but also challenging. I wasn’t willing to give someone else the reins, but I also wanted them to look well designed, professional, and not necessarily homemade.

So, after we’d found the inspiration, the paper, the tools, and printed the photos, it was time to get to work.

{ the design }
First, we had to design the thing. It’s great to have paper and photos, but what will it say? what fonts will you use? what will the layout look like?

I’ve had a serious crush on Feel Script font for some time – I even imitated it in my bridesmaids-request cards. But after a trip to Paper Source, we fell in love with the combination of two fonts: Strangelove and Learning Curve. It was this combination that ultimately won over the design.

On the outside, we loved the simplicity of “we are getting married” {after our inspiration}. On the inside, we knew we needed to include our date & location since it’s a destination wedding. Plus, we had created this wedding website with hotel information, travel details, & schedules so we wanted to find a way to include that, as well. The gatefold structure allowed us to highlight the date on top, the photo in the center, and our sign-off with a URL on the bottom flap.

Creating our own save the date design [live more, love more]t-man designing away

{ the crafting }
Since we chose paper that didn’t come pre-folded, a key part of the process was scoring the fold lines. I had never done this before, and once again my mom came to the rescue, recommending the.most.life-and-time.saving.tool.ever.

DIY Save the Dates - including scoring with a Martha Stewart tool!
invest in this Martha Stewarts Crafts tool!

Simply put, we never would’ve been able to execute these save the dates without this handy tool. It’s as easy as:

1. Cutting your paper to size: Since I wanted to use a 4×6 photo with an A7 envelope, we cut down the paper to 7×11”. We used a mixture of 12×12 and 8.5×11 paper and saved the scraps to hopefully be used in another wedding project.

2. Printing your design on both sides of the paper: I was nervous it wouldn’t print on the raised side, but feeding them one-at-a-time worked perfectly.

Save the Date kraft paper card - printedready for folding

2. Measuring where you want the fold lines: We scored at about 3.5” from the top and 8.5” from the top, leaving a 5” space for the 4×6 photo (1/2” of breathing space on all sides of the photo).

3, Running the handy ‘scorer’ in the grooves and then folding/creasing along those lines.

So quick and quite professional looking!

Once all 80 pieces were printed and folded, we added photos using antique-style photo corners. We eyeballed their placement because really… who’s going to notice if you’re off by a few millimeters within a half-inch?

4 Save the Date engagement photos by Amy Moore Photography          Applying Photos to Save the Date Cards

As you can see, we couldn’t settle on just one engagement photo – no, we had to have 4! Silly as it may seem, I would strongly recommend this because we were able to choose specific photos that would speak to different people. Perhaps your fiance’s guy friends wouldn’t appreciate a kissing shot but you also know your grandmother wants to see your fiance adoring you. Well, having flexibility was helpful in that regard — plus, we heard stories of family & friends describing the save the dates and only then realizing there had been different versions. A nice little surprise!

I mentioned earlier that we couldn’t find any paper or tool to create the half moon slit to close up the save the dates. So instead, a dear friend, who just happens to be a graphic designer, created a logo/seal using our initials. We printed this on white sticker labels {NOT as easy as it should be, those dang Avery labels…} and used them to seal the cards.

I loved this look of this solution – although it occurred to me later that upon opening, each card would likely get ripped because of the sticker. Oh well, it was a nice presentation.

{ the mailing }
After all this crafting, I wasn’t going to hand-address each envelope as I’ve done in many other cases. Luckily T-man is a whiz with computers and figured out how to print the addresses on each individual envelope {maybe I shouldn’t be impressed, but I am}. While this took a lot of typing in and printing one-at-a-time, it really standardized the look and in the end, seemed way faster than doing it by hand. Plus, it was my chance to use the Feel Script font, I so adore.

Feel script font addressing save the datesswoon-worthy font

For return addresses, we designed and had an etsy vendor make us a custom stamp. I think this is a very cute idea and there are tons of great design options out there if you don’t want to make your own. But, I will caution that the stamping can get exhausting, it doesn’t look perfect every time {you probably see some smudges on ours} and worst of all — it took forever to dry. I almost cried when I realized a few had bled into each other and thought I’d have to reprint 30 envelopes. Instead, I sucked it up as a learning experience — plus, a white envelope is bound to get dirty in the mail. So that smudge? Not my fault. I blame USPS.

Save the Dates - waiting for return address ink to drystacks! waiting for ink to dry

So there you have it. From start-to-finish, hope you’re inspired and looking forward to 8.17.13!

Finished Save the Date by Live More Love More

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    These turned out AWESOME! I love how you chose 4 different photos and the white border that went around them – totally adorable. I checked out your website – it’s too cute! Your sister is an awesome photographer!

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      February 22, 2013 at 3:22 pm

      Thanks so much for the compliment! I have to say, I don’t think I could’ve pulled it off without the amazing inspiration { thank goodness for Pinterest, right!? }.

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        April 1, 2014 at 3:00 am

        Thank you for the great card. I finally got the card to print. I had to relaod Adobe 8.1 and then go into the depths of it and uncheck a small box. Oh the joys of a computer! 🙂

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