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dance if you want to ~ a party playlist

I have a confession to make.

Long before I started blogging, I helped host a bridal shower, mainly by handling games, favors, and overall day-of coordination {I know, are we done talking about showers yet?}. About a month before, I visited the bride in Boston to help with wedding-related projects — we hit craft supply stores, planned her centerpieces, and picked out wedding shoes. Amidst everything else, the bride off-handedly asked if I could figure out music for the shower, since there was an iPod hook-up at the venue.

Well… I forgot.

When the day of the shower came, we all noticed a slightly awkward quiet to the room as the guests started arriving. The bride rushed over to me and said, “The iPod hook-up is over in that closet, so just go turn on your playlist whenever you’re ready.” Whoops.

Luckily T-man came to the rescue, speedily purchased a mobile Pandora membership and put on a “love songs” channel. It was a decent solution given the situation, but it was by no means perfect. The songs went from soft and romantic to upbeat and energetic, were overly cheesy, and at one point, T-man’s phone RANG, startling and confusing the guests as the ringing noise came over the speakers.

Oooiii, not my proudest moment. But it taught me the importance of a carefully curated party playlist — as well as a dedicated wedding binder and MOH to-do list.

So for weeks leading up to my latest party, anytime I listened to the radio, I jotted down songs that might work. I’m lucky enough to have SiriusXM {new car perks!} — and not so lucky to commute 30 minutes each way to work — so I had lots of opportunity to do this. My goal was to find songs with a similar mellow feel and a positive message. My favorite Sirius stations {The Pulse and Alt Nation} feature some less recognizable artists, which work well for background music and to set a unique vibe. I also mixed in some classics and even a favorite of the bride, Incubus.

Since I would hate for anyone else to be stuck without an appropriate party playlist, I thought I’d share the one I created. Hopefully it’ll be inspiring or even applicable for one of your parties:

[spotify id=”spotify:user:golden372:playlist:5F3Vgy6ggBwwxibNYvO5tb” width=”300″ height=”380″ /]
Confession #2 :: It’s been weeks since the party and I still can’t stop listening to this playlist, so perhaps it was a bit self-serving featuring all of my current favorites. But feel free to enjoy at your desk next week and let me know what you think!

Inspired by: Men Without Hats – We Can Dance if You Want to

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