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more than you know ~ the power of lyrics

You know that moment when you hear a lyric that just sticks with you? Maybe you’re driving down the street, listening to a song you’ve heard a million times. You’ve sung the words over and over but they never meant something to you until that moment. Or maybe it’s a new song, by a band you’ve never heard of.  You might not even like the music itself, but something in the lyrics pops out at you.

I love those moments.

That’s why I use lyrics in each of my blog post titles. Lyrics can make you feel so much — or they can help explain how you feel; find the words you couldn’t say.

“A garden bursting into life”… Now that line by itself is pretty powerful. It drums up images of bright flowers and gorgeous plants all moving and growing and blooming. But the full Snow Patrol lyrics are: “Show me a garden that’s bursting into life.”

To some it may be a nuance, but for me, the combination of those words, the addition of  ‘show me’ makes it that much more beautiful, resonate. You wonder what does it mean? and why is this person yearning to see that blooming garden? There’s so much emotion in the way its written.

I’m by no means a song writer or a poet but I wanted to explain why you see lyrics in each blog title. I only hope I can better explain myself through lyrics and maybe… just maybe, introduce you to a new band who’s lyrics will stick with you in the same way.

This week, I heard AWOLNATION’s  ‘Kill Your Hero’s’ again. Last summer, it was all over the radio, but  I hadn’t heard it for months. For some reason, a lyric jumped out at me that I’d never really heard before.

AWOLnation Lyric Print

I don’t consider myself a serious graphic designer, but I had fun creating this as I dwelled on the lyrics. Feel free to download and print it out {it’s an 8×10}. Consider it my little gift to you for stopping by and listening to {okay, I guess reading} what I have to say.

Happy weekend!

Inspired by: AWOLNATION – Kill Your Heroes

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