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banging on their gongs ~ a red rocks concert

I never officially made a Colorado bucket list when we moved here {I guess it’s not too late}, but if I did, one thing that would’ve been at the top is to see a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater.

Surprisingly the park around the amphitheater and even the infamous stairs & stage are open to the public throughout the year — it’s an especially popular spot for working out {which I view as slowly suffocating yourself}. So, we’ve already been to see it several times and it’s a must-do if you come to the area. It’s a crazy sensation to stand on the stage and look out, even onto an empty amphitheater, knowing legends including The Beatles have stood there!

It’s also happens to be where Petey learned to climb stairs when he was about 3 months old {sadly not in the amphitheater, but on the Trading Post trail that goes around the stage}.

Petey Mac hikes Red Rocks | jessalayne.com

Plus, we spent Easter sunrise {read, 4:30 AM} there this March with my future in-laws.

Red Rocks Sunrise Service on 3.31.13 | photo by jessalayne.com

But, its biggest draw is clearly concerts. And if you hadn’t noticed, I sort of love music {and use lyrics in all my blog titles} so I’ve been hankering to get there for a show. This week, my lovely fiance managed to nab us 3rd row tickets for The Last Summer on Earth tour, which included Guster, Ben Folds Five, and Barenaked Ladies.

Being in the 3rd row was a treat. DUH. It was still light out while Guster played and I could literally see the wrinkles on Adam & Ryan’s faces and count the number of guitar picks on their mic stands. But, I’m not sure I’ll splurge on such close seats again because I missed the senstation of being part of the crowd. I guess I’m a spoiled concert go-er to be so picky, but I’m looking forward to trying it out again for our John Mayer show in July {where we’ll be comfortably nestled around row 40}.

But we didn’t just experience a great show this week — no, something possibly more awesome happened for the social media nerd in me. I ended up on Facebook the next morning in a photo Ben Folds took during his set. Look just to the left of the drummer’s head and that’s me in white with my arms up. Holy Hannah, I’m famous!

Ben Folds Five view from onstage at Red Rocksphoto courtesy of Ben Folds’ Facebook page

All jokes aside, Guster was exactly how I remember them, possibly better. Ben Folds was maybe a little out of practice but still his humorous self. And truth be told, I’m not a huge BNL fan but they entertained, nonetheless. Our show was only the 2nd night of the tour and it looks like there are still tickets available for many of the stops. I’d highly recommend checking it out if you can!

Guster – Homecoming King

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