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catching on like wildfire ~ a week of concerts

Last week, I really tested my 20-something-year-old spirit and hit 4 concerts in just 6 days.

Matchbox Twenty + Goo Goo Dolls, which was a dream come true for my inner 15 year-old.
John Mayer, in back-to-back nights at Red Rocks.
The No Shoes National Tour at Broncos Stadium, my 1st ever country music show.

Whew! The good news is, its proof that the music scene here in Denver is thriving. When we first moved here, I was concerned at the seeming lack of exciting shows since that was always a big part of what I spent money on in New York. It’s also proof that there is a ton of new music coming out this summer {more to come on that} and since you already know my obsession with lyrics, you can imagine how happy that makes me.

After spending several evenings with thousands of people stuffed into concert venues, I just couldn’t help sharing a few thoughts and observations.

1. Further proof that I’m closer to 30 than 20 — I just do not understand teenage fashion. Everyone under the age of 20 seems to be going for the same hipster/grungy/Free People-inspired look. I’ve seen it styled in magazines and in stores, but in real life, it just seems odd. It’s a style you’d just look silly in over the age of 23. Especially high waisted shorts. They really don’t work on most people. I don’t mean to be judgmental, but 90% of the time, these end up looking awkward, unflattering, and just unfortunate. Maybe that makes me uncool?

2. Get me a beer and a concert t-shirt and I’ll be a happy girl {the one caveat being I really like the band}.

Get me a beer and a concert tee and I'm a happy girl - JessAlayne.com

4. Sitting in rows 20-40 is actually better than sitting in the first 5 rows at Red Rocks. The views are better, the sound is better, and the people watching is certainly better {see #1}. Albeit, you may get a contact high, which leads me to my next point…

5. Yes, outdoor concerts in Colorado are filled with a “funky smell”… and every. single. performer. will remind you of this. It’s really only funny to the people partaking in that particular pastime.

6. John Mayer actually isn’t a total idiot – I know, a true revelation. I’ve seen him perform almost 10 times now {T-man is a massive fan}, but we got to see one of the most touching concert moments on night #1 at Red Rocks. During his acoustic set, John invited his dad out on stage to roaring applause from the crowd. He said he’d play whatever song his dad wanted and proceeded to ask him his favorite. Not able to remember the name {hello, I would blank in front of a 10,000 person crowd, too!}, his dad said something like, “The one that goes like…” and John immediately recognized it as “Stop This Train” {John Mayer – Stop This Train}, a song he wrote about the advice his father gave him about growing older. I’ll admit, I was seriously teary-eyed as he performed the song.

7. Don’t order the pulled pork sandwich at a major football stadium. Enough said.

I could go on, but it’s just about time to get back to wedding planning — which I have lots of updates on to share soon. I’ll leave it at this: if you ever want to prove you are young {or conversely, really feel your age creeping up on you}, just challenge yourself to multiple concerts in one week.

Inspired by John Mayer – Wildfire

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