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friday favorites { august 9th }

It’s been a seriously crazy week of completing last minute wedding details, reviewing our remaining budget, and having some minor freak-outs. I’m learning a lot in this last push before the wedding and can’t wait to share some of that with you guys!

In all honesty, though, with so many last minute vendor payments going out the door, I’ve been deleting most of my “sale mail” and not doing a lot of online browsing. So instead of a shopping-based Friday Favorites, here are my top moments from this week:

Mid-week, life-saving Zumba
This class  got me out of my own head and let me disconnect for a full 60 minutes. It’s easy to forget how therapeutic exercising can be — granted, its hard to make time for it and can also be exhausting — but therapeutic nonetheless.

zumba{ source }

Colorado sunsets
We’ve had quite a few beauts this week, but while stopped at a red light, I really took a moment to breathe this one in. The mountains just never quit.

Colorado Sunset Aug 2013 by jessalayne.com

A major wedding sneak peak
My mom completed this lovely wedding project and I couldn’t be more excited at how it turned out.

Friday Favorite Wedding Sneak Peak

Hello, china!
I felt so grown-up when I realized I actually own china now — even if it’s just 2 sets for now. T-man and I are ready to have some seriously fancy stay-at-home lunches.

Vera Wang by Wedgewood China from Macy's{ image is my own, buy it here }

My third bridal shower
Only last because I have no photos of it — but, I’ve decided that if you don’t stop to take pictures, it means you were having an especially great time, which I was. I’m blessed not only with two amazing families but with thoughtful and generous co-workers. How lucky!

So now the real countdown begins because this time next week I’ll be at our Rehearsal Dinner! In the meantime, I hope you have a lovely, memorable-moment-filled weekend everybody!

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