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stylewise ~ rehearsal dinner

I am that girl that plans my outfit for any semi-major event weeks — or even months — in advance. It’s not really that I’m so over-prepared and organized that I must do this for peace of mind {okay, maybe a little bit} but, I genuinely like to shop and a reason to style an entire outfit is a fun prospect for me.

On top of that, many of my major events happen on the east coast and require travel. And when it comes to traveling, I hate not being prepared and then rushing around to pack my suitcase the night before.

So, can you imagine how far in advance I planned my rehearsal dinner outfit?

Rehearsal Dinner Outfit | from jessalayne.com

I take every excuse I can to be the one wearing white throughout my “bridal” events and this go ’round, I thought it’d be fun to add some pops of “something blue” in my accessories. Plus, I do a very simple fishtail braid and always get compliments on it, so I’d love to take it to the next level with this stylized and texturized version.

Just over 1 week and I’ll be in this outfit! So close!

{ shop the look }

1. Donna Ricco one-shoulder dress (similar Donna Morgan version)
2. Boyfriend watch via ASOS (still sold out, here are similar)
3. Blue teardrop earrings via Anthropologie
4. Ann Taylor Mara color block heel (I actually got a wedge style in the same colors from Macy’s but they’re now sold out)

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