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now it’s september ~ new outfits

Growing up, it was a tradition {and a majorly exciting one at that!} for me, my mom and my 2 sisters to do some serious back-to-school shopping together each August. Probably similar in your house, right?

From about age 6 to 17, nothing compared to the chance to shop for new school outfits… and sneakers. For some odd reason, it was always a big hooplah for me to pick out my shoes. There must’ve been a few years my mom took us to 10 different stores because I was that picky about my sneakers. I mean… really. At least I discovered other forms of footwear in high school.

Well, it must be the 16 years of schooling that signals something in our brain to want to shop the moment fall rolls around. That and the incessant advertising, coupons, and sale tactics stores use to feed that desire {not that I’m complaining – it’s very rare that I buy something full price}.

Knowing we’re trying to keep to a budget, T-man and I decided to allow ourselves one trip to the outlets over Labor Day weekend. We figured there’d be great sales and access to only a few of our favorite stores, so we could get in and out without too much damage, but still satisfy the itch to shop.

The result?

3 outfits for transitioning to fall | jessalayne.com

What I bought:

  • JCrew Factory: skinny jeans that fit so SO perfectly, orange mini skirt, printed ankle-length skinnies {I tried on 3 pairs in 2 different sizes to be sure I loved the fit and length}, cobalt suede pumps, and a black lace top
  • Banana Republic Outlet: yellow wool coat, printed scarf, over-the-shoulder woven purse
  • TJ Maxx: black & white striped tent top

I’m usually an impulse-shopper, especially when it comes to great deals at the outlets. But knowing I didn’t want to go overboard, I tried to focus on (1) skirts and pants that needed replacing in my closet (2) items I absolutely LOVE and (3) things that would go together or complement what’s already in my closet. These may be obvious, but can be really hard for me to remember.

And, while I’ve always found fall temperatures {50-60 degrees} to be tough to dress for — it’s not quite tights or boots weather but it’s too chilly for your summer wardrobe — all three outfits are perfect for the awkward fall transition weather!

What will you be wearing to get through the weird fall weather transition?

Inspired by John Mayer – On The Way Home

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