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Outside of design, decor, and fashion, one of my biggest passions is music — so it’s no wonder I use lyrics in my post titles and often source what I’m listening to in my blog posts. I like a LOT of different music {and get a thrill when I discover a new band} so I hope there’s something in my posts that you might enjoy.

Luckily it’s a hobby I share with T-man, so we’ve always been big concert go-ers. New York was a great place to see any and every band we liked, but Denver has a surprising number of small theaters {and of course, the iconic Red Rocks} that’s allowed us to see some pretty great shows.

Last night was no exception.

Matt Nathanson at the Gothic - Denver - 10.8.13


T-man actually introduced me to Matt Nathanson in college when he made me a mix tape of his songs {okay, it was a CD} and we’ve listened to and supported him ever since. It might’ve been our 9th or 10th time seeing him play. Obsessed? Okay, maybe but just give these a listen:

Matt Nathanson – Princess
Matt Nathanson – Little Victories
Matt Nathanson – Romeo And Juliet

On top of that, Joshua Radin opened for Matt and we managed to nab early access tickets to see his sound check and meet him. Isn’t he dreamy?

Live More, Love More meets Joshua Radin

He jokingly refers to his style of music as whisper rock {although my favorite of his albums, The Rock and the Tide, is a bit of a departure} and I genuinely think he’s one of the best singer/songwriters I’ve seen. He’s raw and authentic and can sing like nobody’s business — he once came down into the middle of a crowded audience in New York and sang “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright” with no mic or amplification and it’s still one of my favorite concert moments.

Some of my favorite songs?
Joshua Radin – The Ones With the Light
Joshua Radin – When We’re Together
Joshua Radin – Paperweight

Seeing both Matt & Josh in one night made me realize one thing they have in common that I love most — they’re both serious storytellers. Every time I’ve seen Joshua, I learn a bit more about the meaning behind each of his songs, the emotions he’s dealt with, and how his songs are his version of therapy. Last night, we learned that his lyric “when you own the sun, you own the sky” was actually a saying of his friend’s dad who was a farmer.

Joshua Radin at the Gothic - Denver 10.8.13

Matt takes a more humorous approach to storytelling. He truly could be a stand-up comedian if he didn’t write music but I’m so glad he does both. During one segment of last night’s show, he encouraged all of us to let our “little Whitney” out as we sang along to “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” during a break in his song, “Room at the End of the World.”

Matt Nathanson at the Gothic - Denver 10.8.13

I also love that from our view, you might’ve thought we were at a Hanson show. Another band to talk about at some point. Did you know they just released a super soulful new rock album?

Have you been to any other awesome concerts lately?

Inspired by: Joshua Radin – My My Love

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    October 9, 2013 at 8:00 pm

    LOVE! That is so true – they are storytellers! So, what did you and Joshua Radin talk about?

    • Reply
      October 9, 2013 at 10:52 pm

      I always find it awkward to meet famous people because you know everything about them and they don’t know you. We talked about bowling, oddly enough 🙂 I guess that’s a story for another day!

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