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patty & kyle ~ a michigan engagement

I know everyone is in full-on holiday mode at this point. I mean, Christmas is exactly 2 weeks away. We’ve decked our halls {more to come on that soon}, we’re watching our Christmas movies and eating lots of Christmas cookies. But, before we dive into all that, I promised to share some of the sweetest, most charming engagement photos that my friends recently took in Michigan.

You may want to grab a cup of hot cocoa and a few of those Christmas cookies you’ve been baking. Find a cozy spot and let yourself revel in the gorgeousness of this beautiful Michigan day and take in all the love between this couple! I’ve got plenty of photos to share!

Patty & Kyle Engagement | Meg Van Kampen

Yes, these two are the picture of adorable blonde-haired, blue-eyed wholesomeness. I love them more than words and think they are poised to take over the world {can’t you just see them in the White House??}.

Patty & Kyle's Engagement photos | Meg Van Kampen

Their photographer Meg Van Kampen followed them to two different locations and really helped bring about two unique moods and feels for each. The photos from the outdoor campus location are a bit more formal and mature {but you can totally still see the love between the two} while the ones on the beach are full of a relaxed, easy-going nature.

It just goes to show you how valuable an engagement session is — you get used to not only working with your photographer but also posing, smiling, and generally interacting with each other in front of a camera. That’s evidenced by how at ease these two looked as the day went on. I’m sure their very wise photographer planned that the lighting would also be absolutely killer around the same time  they both eased into the shoot.

Patty & Kyle Engagement | Meg Van Kampen

Admittedly, I saved some of my favorites for last. Aren’t these just epic?

Patty & Kyle Engagement | Meg Van Kampen

If you ask me, nothing… absolutely nothing beats a photo shoot on the beach {even a lake beach} at dusk. The camera loves the softness of the light and there always seems to be magic in the air.

Patty & Kyle's Engagement | Meg Van Kampen

So cheers to Patty & Kyle, may you be blessed with a lifetime of love and plenty more evenings spent on the beach while the sun sets.

All photos courtesy of Meg Van Kampen Studios.

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