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the holidays are upon us

Black Friday is almost a full week behind us and Cyber Monday was over days ago, but I still feel like I’m unburying myself from the deluge of emails and deals. Not that I don’t like a sale {who am I kidding, I live for deals!} but it seems a bit over-the-top this year. I’m subscribed to a fair number of branded emails, but each one had to have sent multiple deals — Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Cyber Monday extended, Surprise! We’re Still On Sale! Instead of getting me excited, it mostly made me tune out. Can you relate?

It has reminded me, though, that Christmas is just 20 days away. Say what?!? How did that happen? I guess Thanksgiving fell a week later than normal and that’s thrown the whole thing off. I even put up our tree before we ate turkey.


People, that’s huge. I enforce a strict “post turkey” policy for all things Christmas for myself and those around me. But, when I realized the holiday bliss that is Christmas music, mug-fulls of peppermint hot chocolate, and general merrymaking would only last 3 weeks, I made an exception — a pretty big one if you ask me. Owning a new house that I was itching to decorate might’ve had something to do with it, too.

But, before I get all kinds of Christmas-y on you {don’t worry, it’s coming}, I thought I’d share just a few snapshots from the past week. With my parents in town, I tried my best to revel in the quiet time and put my phone down while we took on a couple of fun adventures…

We visited the historic mountain town of Georgetown.


Apparently my parents have a soft spot for it because we had a photo of this adorable, pink house in our own house while I was growing up. The town is known for its train ride and antique shops but over a delicious Caramel Gingerbread Latte, we educated ourselves a bit more {gotta make your iPhone useful for more than texting on occasion}. Turns out, it was one of the most progressive and successful silver-mining towns in the country — they even had a telephone line in 1879, just a few years after it was invented and well before most cities in America had one. Crazy little history lesson for ya there, huh?

We also became proud new owners of the fanciest ladder I may’ve ever seen and promptly used it to hang Christmas lights. Ta-da!


This was post-turkey, though, so it’s okay…

Of course, there was the requisite cooking, as well…


T-man has honed is Pumpkin Pie making skills and it gave us an excuse to use our ruffled pie dish, another fun registry gift. I tried my hand at Apple Cider Caramel cookies — they tasted great, but admittedly were not pretty nor blog-worthy. Hoping to attempt round 2 for Christmas, though!

And funny enough, as a housewarming gift, my parents brought us coordinating table decorations so on Thanksgiving morning we switched up the original tablescape. It turned out to be just as festive and a touch cozier. Plus, editing down allowed much more space for food — which is really the most important part of Thanksgiving, right?



The great thing is our original mixed metals table will play well throughout the rest of the winter so you better believe it’s back on display now!

So that’s where I’ve been, what about you?

Oh and those stunning Michigan engagement photos I told you about… they’re coming!

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