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One of the best perks of living in Denver is the access we have to the mountains. Not only are they a beautiful surrounding for the city, they also provide limitless exploration and activities throughout the year.

A successful day of skiing ~ JessAlayne.com{Breckenridge, Colorado, photo credit: JessAlayne.com}

Growing up on the East Coast, skiing was always a special “event” and something we did only once or twice per year. When I become a Coloradan, I loved the idea of being an avid skier and wanted so badly to make full use of the Colorado mountains during winter months. So, we bought the gear and looked the part…

But frankly, I was intimidated.

Two ski trips into this season, I wasn’t improving, I was constantly nervous, and I was ready to throw in the towel and accept my fate as a successful apres skier only. Luckily, a few {very patient!} friends encouraged me, gave me a few pointers and just a few trips later, I am proud to say I conquered several blue runs over the weekend. Not only that, I tackled them at a decent clip and without panicking!

I still have a long ways to go to keep up with true Coloradans, but I’m at least on my way.

While this post is a bit divergent from my normal topics, I believe strongly that every now and then, we should take time to recognize {and maybe even revel in} our victories, both big and small. Granted, I usually get a rush from pulling off a successful party or event, but in this case, it was a completely solo success that’s worth celebrating.

So that’s mine… what have you been succeeding at lately?

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