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the cutest candy shop ever.

Over Memorial Day weekend, T-man and I took a mini-vacation to California. It’s hard to believe we’ve lived just a short two-hour plane ride away for two years and yet, I’ve never visited any part of California as an adult. It was about time!

Santa Monica Pier - by JessAlayne.com

We took the first flight out on Saturday morning in order to make the most of the weekend and used the better part of the day to see the sights — Santa Monica Pier, Pacific Coast Highway, Rodeo Drive, the Hollywood Sign, the Chinese Theater and the Walk of Fame, and yes… even the outside of the Playboy Mansion. We just had to!

California Palm Trees - by JessAlayne.com

Santa Monica Beach - by JessAlayne.com

You’ll have to excuse the iPhone photos — I’ll blame the 6am flight for making me blank on bringing my DSLR camera.

We had a blast exploring and being uber-touristy before heading out to Rancho Mirage in our rented convertible for a close friend’s beautiful law school graduation party.

California Mini Vacation - by JessAlayneCalifornia Mini Vacation - by JessAlayne.com

But, before we left LA, we spotted the absolute cutest boutique candy shop, called Sugarfina.

The shop is right off Rodeo Drive, so that might help you imagine the vibe. However, we were greeted warmly, offered some samples {always say yes to samples!} and told a bit about the background of the store.

It was created by a couple who scoured the world {no, really} for innovative, high-quality candy recipes and they started selling them online back in DailyCandy days {circa 2012}. They got a lot of attention for their clever and witty gift and bento boxes, things like the Mini Martini set complete with chocolate covered martini almonds and the “Men are Pigs” and “More Fish in the Sea” break-up gummy sets.

Sugarfina in LA - by JessAlayne.com

About 6 months ago, they secured their coveted boutique location right off Rodeo Drive and I can only imagine how well they are doing.

The store is filled with so many types of candy from all over the world — Germany, Sweden, Greece and more. Many of the recipes are apparently hundreds of year old family recipes and Sugarfina is now the only international importer of some of them. Things like Champagne Bubbles that would be a perfect party favor. Fuji Apple and Mint Chocolate Chip Caramels that melt in your mouth. And even Chocolate Licorice Pandas, although I didn’t have a chance to sample those.

Plus… can we talk about these gift box sets? They have thank you’s, romance, congratulations, and of course this “Will you be my bridesmaid” set {those are Champagne Bubbles on the far right}!

Bridesmaids Gift at Sugarfina Sugarfina Review - JessAlayne.com

As if that weren’t enough, they also stock Bando products and Sugar Paper and Smock paper goods — several designs that I haven’t seen elsewhere {so of course I stocked up on those, too!}.

Sugar Paper cards at Sugarfina in LA

For those not traveling to LA on any mini vacations, the great news is that many of their wares are available online! But if you ever find yourself in LA, I highly suggest an in-person visit! Although fair warning, you’ll likely walk out with an incredibly cute bag of goodies!

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