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iPhone 6 best cases // favorite iPhone 6 Cases by Bubbly Design Co.I have vivid memories of playing Snake on our first Apple computer around the age of 6. My father was and still is a big believer in Apple. During college, the first iPod was released and I desperately wanted one. So, I put my businesses classes to work and gave a convincing pitch to my parents about why I needed it. The iPod became the first and only Valentine’s Day present I’ve ever received from my parents.

Not surprisingly, I’ve owned each successive iPhone { okay, not the “S” models, that would just be overkill } including the 6. But this time, it’s GOLD! Yipee! I would love love love to keep the phone bare. It’s smooth back and curved edges feel great, but more importantly — who wants to cover up that gold?

However, I’m way too practical for that. I mean, really. I drop my phone, I throw it into my bag, I slide it across the table at restaurants. It’s basically an extension of my own hand, which means it gets bumped into a lot of things throughout the day, too.

So, I scoured some of my favorite online retailers to find some possible iPhone 6 cases! Take a look – I found so many, I had to break them up into four different categories. Now the only question is, with so many great options, how will I cover up the gold?

Pssst – I would especially love to hear your thoughts on translucent cases. To me, they always seem cheap and easy to scratch or discolor. But I’m open to suggestions and included one that’s an Amazon “Best Seller” in my favorites.

1. playful // Boston Terrier and Gold Giraffe via Society 6 // Confetti Hearts via Kate Spade // Lips via Scarlet & Gold
2. graphic // Dots via Kate Spade //  Incipio Edge via Amazon (or, not pictured Maxboost Vibrance via Amazon // Wood case via Csera on Etsy
3. wordy // Live Simply via Printed Ink Designs // C’est la Vie via Society 6 // Enjoy Every Moment via Society 6 // She Believed via Society 6 //
4. gold // Gold Polka Dots via Printed Ink Designs // Gold Hearts via Nordstrom // Chevron with Gold via Society 6 // Translucent via Amazon

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