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Today marks the start of the first full week of October. That means, we still have FOUR full weeks to make the most of this glorious month. Exciting, right?

Since I’m so excited about October, I thought I’d give this month an extra-special kick in the butt by sharing my goals for the month. I’ve loved when other bloggers have done this { extra special call out to Jillian } but for me, they aren’t intended to be super serious or purely business-related. Instead, I’m putting down anything I’d like to accomplish, something fun I’d like to do, or even just out of the ordinary honey-dews.

Studies have shown that writing down your goals, sharing them with friends { that’s you guys! } and checking in on your progress makes you more likely to achieve those goals and can contribute to a boost in your overall happiness. Enough said?

Here we go…

October Monthly Goals

1 // This is a bit of a cheat, because it’s been my goal for about the past month now, but I’m hoping I can keep sharing valuable, fun posts 3 days a week { I’ll be posting Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for now }.

2 // I’ve found a few incredible fall/harvest-y salad recipes that are a good contrast to heartier meals we love this time of year. This one for sure will be on repeat.

3 // Duh. A perfect excuse for a fall date or outing with friends.

4 // So many ideas swirling in my head, but this will help me achieve #2.

5 // Taking advantage of our 300 days of Colorado sun, I need to squeeze at least one more bike ride in, otherwise why do I own a bike??

6 // I’ve been encouraged by the response to some of my wedding schedules in my Etsy shop, and I’m excited to push the shop forward and hold myself to adding new products each month.

7 // As we rush through our busy days, it’s so easy to shoot off a quick text to friends. But I think a phone call can go a long way and make someone feel heard.

8 // This is my reminder to not take life TOO seriously. We have a lot of heavy things weighing on us this fall, but blasting “Shake It Off” and shaking our booties around the kitchen can brighten up even the toughest days.

So, I’d love to know — do you have any special goals to tackle this month? Commenting below may just help you achieve them!

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