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For the longest time, my bedtime wardrobe consisted purely of concert tees and boy shorts. Oh, and the occasional free t-shirt from a volunteer day or 5k. Pajamas were an after-thought, not something worth investing in or even worrying about. I always figured comfort > cuteness and that if you were comfortable, you might as well forget about being cute.

Oh how wrong I was. Investing in purposeful pajamas – matching sets, sleep shirts, coordinated items in the softest of fabrics – is not only worth the money, it’s glorious. Feeling put together and coordinated in my pj’s has boosted by bedtime mood and made me more excited for lounging in bed with my hubby. As an added bonus, I finally got rid of a drawer full of totally blah tee’s I didn’t like or need. More space for stuff I love, hooray!

So, I say it’s time to replace those ratty tees with a few sets of cute & cozy pajamas. It may seem indulgent, but I can almost guarantee it’ll help you end your day with a smile.

Cute & Cozy Pajamas{ shop these pajamas }
Mix & Match // tee //  pants // tee // sweats // leopard // shorts
One Piece // striped // floral // black // pink
Sets // lavender // blue + white // aqua // dots // cupcakes

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