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Garage Organization Ideas

Around this time of year, we’re starting to pull holiday decorations and Christmas items out of their hiding places and slowly but surely decking our halls. It’s such a fun time of year, but there’s one small problem… the majority of these items { like our fake Christmas tree } only get used once a year, so they’re stuffed haphazardly in bins and boxes wherever they fit in our garage and basement.

Because we’ve moved nearly annually since college, our storage options have varied greatly over the years. From a second bedroom linen closet to a garage storage unit, our holiday and miscellaneous items have had many homes. And, given the fleeting nature of these apartments, we’ve never invested in the appropriate storage.

But lately I’ve been thinking that needs to change. Some of our Christmas decorations are prized possessions and family heirlooms, so it’s important our storage is secure, safe and, let’s be honest, space-saving — because I’m always wanting to add to our collection!

Organization projects can be overwhelming though, so I’m starting how I always start a new project — with a little inspiration!

Garage Organization Inspiration

We’ve added Elfa units to two of our closets inside our house and it would be a dream { but an expensive one } to add it to the garage, as well. The RubberMaid FastTrack system seems like a good compromise, and it has options for adding shelves, too, which would be necessary for our Christmas bins!

Garage Organization Inspiration

Garages often need to serve many purposes simultaneously. While ours will certainly hold several once-a-year items like holiday decorations, it’s important to consider ways to keep items that are used more often { like hoses, brooms, and even sporting equipment } at easier reach. I’m seeing a painted pegboard in my future, too…

Garage Organization Inspiration
Garage Organization Inspiration

A simple bookshelf or workbench would be a smart addition to either basement or garage storage. Pairing it with a well-placed and stylish curtain just takes it to another adorable level and makes it more fun to keep your great organization in place!

Holiday Storage Inspiration // via Bubbly Design Co{ via // 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 }

Shelving systems, hooks, bins, baskets, and even pegboards! So many wonderful ideas and examples to draw inspiration from. Do you have a favorite tip or trick when it comes to optimizing your once-a-year storage items?

We recently purchased a Gorm shelving unit from Ikea for our garage and added some brightly colored tubs { inspired by IHeartOrganizing, my favorite! } and clear bins so we can see what’s at a glance. I’d love to add a pegboard and some additional hooks to create even more space-saving efficiency in our storage areas, though.

Here are just a few of the storage and organizing products I’m loving for the basement and garage.

Favorite Storage Products // Bubbly Design Co.

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