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November’s Monthly Goals + October Recap

Bubbly Design Co // November 2014 Inspiration{ sources for all images at the end of today’s post }

Over the weekend, we welcomed another new month – and the second to last one of 2014! Can you believe it? There were so many wonderful sayings, sights, and emotions that came with October. The seasons were truly in the midst of changing and it seemed we were all taking time to revel in the “in between” moments, after summer’s heat had passed but before the wrath of winter bares down.

Somehow after such a wonderful month, it doesn’t feel like November can live up to October’s greatness. That’s exactly why I’m using the phrase “There is always something to be thankful for” to represent this month. I’m so glad October shined so brightly, but I’m going to re-focus my energy this month on the things that make November great, too. Because let’s be honest – it’s a lot like October with a tasty holiday squished in there for good measure!

As with last month, I’ve spent some time thinking about what specific things I’d like to accomplish or routines I’d like to create this month. Before I dive into November, though, let’s take a quick peak at how October went down.

1. I blogged every Monday, Wednesday, Friday { plus 1 } and managed to share both a DIY and a party = DOUBLE HOORAY!

2. We ate a ton of yummy salads including this one { an old favorite } and this one { just add chicken to make it a dinner }. I can’t recall if it worked out exactly one per week but I still count it as a success = HOORAY!

Honey Crisp Salad from The Cozy Apron { via The Cozy Apron }

3. We did carve pumpkins = HOORAY! But… sadly, mold and squirrels got the better of them well before Halloween = oops… Any tricks you can recommend for next year?

Our 2014 Pumpkins -- an October goal accomplishment // Bubbly Design Co.

4. I did not go for a bike ride, even though we’ve had insanely beautiful days to do it = oops

5. I added a few extra products to my Etsy shop, did you find them? = half-way hooray

6. I squeezed in a few friendly phone calls and more than one dance party { behind closed doors } = HOORAY!

I say, celebrate the successes and be gentle with yourself on the misses. Maybe I’m just not the bike-riding type { although I really should try to be more active } and maybe my neighborhood squirrels are just evil…

Moving on to November, I’m still aiming to blog 3 times per week so it’s staying on the list. I’m also starting to think about holiday prep. I need an organized desk, some improved hand lettering skills, and a new recipe to get me ready. Oh, and some budgeting and money saving to help get us through the holiday shopping craze. So, I’d love to know – what are you working towards this month?

Bubbly Design Co // November Monthly Goals

{ inspiration images via // tag // coffee (free stock image) // soup // silverware // pumpkins // rosemary // kitchen // quote // girl  // scarf and emerson quote — I struggled to find the original sources, please share if you have them! I try extremely hard to credit the correct sources. }

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