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december monthly goals + november recap

At the start of each new month, I take a moment to set goals for the upcoming 30 days as well as recap and review what I accomplished during the last month. This is my way of continuing to progress and giving you a peak into more than my style, design, and party planning achievements. 

Hello December!

December is the happiest season of all // December mood board // Bubbly Design Co.Even with colder temps and holiday craziness settling in, you just can’t help but love this month! Our decorating began last night and I’m on a strict Christmas music only playlist for the next 25 days. December is going to be a fun-filled, jam-packed and exciting month. But man, I feel like I didn’t accomplish nearly as much during November as I planned. Case in point, I’m a day late with today’s post!

So, while we’ll definitely have plenty of holiday celebrations balanced with quiet family time this month, I’m still going to try to buckle down and be productive.

Before we get into that, here’s a look at where I netted out on November’s goals…

1. I successfully kept up my blogging schedule, with the exception of last Friday, which I took off to hike and sight-see with our Thanksgiving guests = HOORAY!

Bubbly Design Co // Day Off Hiking

2. You might’ve seen my sneak peek, but our Christmas cards are already in the mail = HOORAY!

3. We’re undertaking some massive organizing and purging projects around the house. Not just my desk, but also our old filing cabinet and even under our bathroom sinks were cleaned, purged, and re-organized = HOORAY! 

4 & 5. Sadly, I did not finish my hand-lettering class or get to Zumba so I’m recommitting to these during December. Sometimes it takes longer to accomplish things than you planned and that’s alllright with me { any Eric Hutchinson fans? } = oops

6. Seasonal DIY? Check! { coming soon! } = HOORAY!

7. With only two December weekends at home, we opted out of hosting a holiday cocktail party, but I have been working on some party inspiration and holiday party planning tips to share with you this month instead. Sound good? 

8. Over the past few months, we’ve established a pretty great meal planning routine and that’s allowed us to balance tried-and-true favorites, dining out, and some new meals like this one, which is going to be on heavy repeat for awhile = HOORAY! { ps – go make this NOW! }

Brown Butter Brussels Sprouts Pasta via Two Peas via }

9. Save some money… hmm… I’ve held myself back from splurging on a New Year’s Eve dress, although I will be sharing some excellent options in my new Love/Lust/Must. However, I finally found low-heeled gray booties, which I’d been hunting for, so I also splurged this month = half-way hooray

And now for December…

December Monthly Goals // 2014 // Bubbly Design Co.A lot of these things may look familiar since you’ve heard me talk about them here in the past. But, a few additions include finding a way to artfully display all the Christmas and holiday cards I’m sure will be arriving soon and continue purging items we don’t need or love in our house { maybe that’s contradictory? we’ll see! }.

I’ve also realized how many classic movies I haven’t seen and a chilly winter evening would be the perfect time to catch myself up on this critical pop culture education. I’ve also got new blog content in the works and I’ll hopefully be able to share some of that before the month is up.

And lastly, ice skating. Always ice skating. I can’t go a Christmas without it. What’s the one indulgence you can’t live without during the holidays?

I’d love to hear what you’re hoping to accomplish this month, too! Did you know writing down your goals and sharing them with a friend { that’s me! } makes you significantly more likely to achieve them? Just use #monthlygoals on Instagram or Twitter.

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