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Dress Your Bar Cart // DIY Liquor Bottle Tags

Dress your bar cart with simplified liquor bottles and DIY tags // Bubbly Design Co.

I’ve talked before about how our bar cart spans the space between our cozy back entryway and our open floor plan kitchen. While I adore a beautifully styled bar cart, ours is a workhorse piece. We use it often and it holds the majority of our liquor, glassware and other cocktail tools and items.

Unfortunately that means it can easily become overrun with stuff, especially during the holidays when we’re having guests over more often.

But, there’s always a way to improve your storage and make it prettier, right?

Turn ugly liquor bottles into bar cart worthy bottles!

Using only items I had around the house, I created a prettier new way to store some of our liquors. While the transformation may seem subtle, just wait until you see these on our bar cart! I couldn’t be more thrilled with this 10-minute DIY project!

Create your own bar cart tags // Bubbly Design Co.

I sourced these narrow bottles from our stash of decorations and vases. Years ago, they held dessert wine and I saved the bottles thinking the shape was too pretty to recycle and of course I’d figure out some way to use them again in the future . Luckily, I was right on this one.

I simply removed the labels with soap, water, and a little Goo-Gone, and transferred the white & brown rums into the prettier wine bottles. I added leftover corks to ensure they were safe from spillage.

A simple way to style your bar cart // Bubbly Design Co.

At this point, I was already pleased with how much prettier the liquor looked in its new vessels, but I knew I needed to jazz them up a bit to make them worthy of bar cart styling.

I grabbed some cardstock paper, trimmed it into a tag shape, and added sticker letters { old, from the Target Dollar Spot }. The labels not only add some style to the simple bottle, but they also help us or guests easily identify what’s inside each bottle.

So much better, am I right?

DIY Liquor bottle tags // Bubbly Design Co.DIY Liquor bottle tags // Bubbly Design Co.

When I scooted things around, I realized I could add these skinny little liquor bottles to the top shelf of the bar cart and they fit right in! They even seem to hold up next to my beloved St. Germain, which is quite possibly the most beautiful liquor bottle ever.

Side note: I’m intentionally not showing you the bottom shelf because I’m still finagling the right ways to beautify that storage. It’s always a work in progress around here!

Bar Cart Styling // Bubbly Design CoBar Cart styling // Bubbly Design Co

Just one more close-up of those adorable labels! Labels make everything better, don’t you agree?

Make your own prettier liquor bottles // Bubbly Design Co.

In my book, going the extra mile to make your storage a touch prettier is always worth it.



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