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Holiday DIY to Try // Metallic Ornaments

A perfect last-minute holiday gift or decoration // DIY Metallic Ornaments

This year, I participated in a Blogger Ornament Swap. The assignment is sweet and simple – you get paired up with a fellow blogger and then gift them an ornament that costs no more than $5.

By now, my ornament mate from Salvage Sister & Mister has received her ornament, so I thought I’d share this very simple DIY Ornament tutorial with you.

DIY Metallic Ornaments // Bubbly Design Co.

I knew I didn’t want to buy a run-of-the-mill ornament. It certainly would’ve been a challenge to find one I loved for less than $5, but more importantly, I thought it would be a sweeter gesture to create something with a personal connection. And, in keeping with my handmade holiday, I’m sure you’re not surprised that I decided to go the DIY route!

DIY Glitter Ornaments // Bubbly Design Co.

It all started when I discovered these paper mache ornaments at Michaels. I loved that they had several shapes to choose from – some where more traditional ornament shapes, but others were more gemstone or geometric looking. The regular price was around $1.50 each. But, watch for sales and use a coupon and you can make these for basically pennies!

Less than $5 for 3 DIY Ornaments! // Bubbly Design Co.

After selecting your “raw” ornament shapes, grab a paintbrush, some paint, glue and glitter and you’re ready to go:

Step One
Paint the entire “raw” ornament with acrylic paint. For my three ornaments, I wanted three unique styles so I used silver, antique gold, and a pearly white. Let dry about 10-15 minutes.

Step Two
Use a paintbrush or foam pouncer to apply modge podge or glitter glue to the areas you’ve identified should have glitter. On the gold and silver ornaments, I alternated the painted and glitter sides and decided not to use glitter on the white ornament.

Step Three
Sprinkle the glued areas with glitter, shaking off the excess. Let dry 15 minutes or more, depending on how heavily you applied the glitter.

Step Four
Apply gloss or satin modge podge on top of the glittered areas of your ornament. I used satin, which can have a slightly cloudy look if you apply it over the painted areas, so I stuck to covering just the glitter. However, if it’s easier and you’re using glossy modge podge, you can cover the entire ornament for added protection.

Optional: If you use a very fine glitter, you may want to spray the entire ornament with a protective top coat, as well. This will prevent the glitter from flaking off. However, in general, I recommend being delicate with these to prevent any glitter chipping off.

Step Five
Hang the ornaments on your tree or wrap them up as a gift to add a little sparkle to a friends’ tree!

Holiday DIY // Glittery Ornaments // Bubbly Design Co. Spruce up any tree with sparkling DIY ornaments // Bubbly Design Co.The great part about this DIY is that it can really be customized in any color or pattern that you { or your gift recipient } may like. I chose metallic and glitter because I’ve been crushing on it lately, but also because I thought it would look great reflecting the light on a lit Christmas tree. You could also try bold, bright colors or even something altogether different for the holidays.

DIY ornaments for less than $5 // Bubbly Design Co.

If you’re looking for even more DIY ornament inspiration, check out the latest additions to my Pinterest board. I’ve pinned several of my favorites that you may want to try! Or, you can browse all the action and great ideas from the Blogger Ornament Swap with #ornamentswap14.

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