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Love / Lust / Must – Vol. 2

Bring on the fancy, bows, and sequins because today’s Love – Lust – Must is dedicated to festive party dressing!

It may still seem early to be thinking about New Year’s Eve, but since I already dove into the topic on Monday, we’re going to keep this train going. Plus, it’s never too early to start planning an outfit for a special occasion!

No matter what your are plans for the evening, you must admit that New Year’s Eve is hands-down the best excuse we get all year to dress in a super-fancy and celebratory way. Somehow on New Year’s, sequins and sexy dresses always fit in. Whether you’re attending a house party, a fancier evening out, or even a special event, like a wedding, I’ve pulled several New Year’s Eve dresses at lust-worthy and must-get-now price points!

Many of these would be suitable for other holiday cocktail parties, but I pulled them specifically with New Year’s in mind.

What will you be wearing to ring in 2015? I hope it’s something f-a-b-o-l-o-u-s { you have to sing that part to get the full effect }!

Lust-worthy and bargain options for New Year's Eve // Love-Lust-Must // Bubbly Design Co

house party // love // lust // must
fancy dinner // love // lust 1 // lust 2  // must 1 // must 2
special event // love // lust 1 // lust 2 // must

For a lower key event at a friend’s house, a sequin top with black pants is the way to go. Festive but toned down! More power to you if you can rock the top with a pair of velvet or plaid skinnies! I fell for this lustworthy Milly top, but I can’t quite justify that price for a single top, so I was seriously pleased when I found this H&M option under $50!

If you haven’t made plans yet, why not book yourself a reservation at a nice restaurant you’ve been meaning to try. Just be sure to check what prix fixe options the restaurant may be enforcing so you’re not surprised by the bill. A dress with some light sequin accents will make the night feel more special than your typical date night. If you’re going for a pricier dinner and splurging on a bottle of champagne { which I highly recommend }, then go for one of the must options here. They’re both so cute – and SO reasonably priced!

ALL SEQUIN EVERYTHING! You’re going to spend a bit more to get a dress that’s fully decked out in sequins, but for a memorable evening where you’ll likely be photographed a lot, it’s totally worth it. I honestly want each of these dresses, but alas, New Year’s Eve is only one night so I’ll have to narrow down my selection soon! Which one would you pick for a NYE elopement party?

If you didn’t something you love in this edition of Love-Lust-Must, I’ve collected TONS of other New Year’s Eve and special occasion dresses on my Pinterest board. Click over and dig in!

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