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A New Take on Resolutions // 2015 Yearly Goals

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This time of year, the word resolutions seems to elicit pretty mixed but undoubtedly strong responses. Many people dread them, some people love them — at least for a few weeks — and others work their hardest to ignore them. Luckily, I’ve never focused much on resolutions — or at least not on that specific word. But, I am a huge fan of goals.

Maybe it’s just semantics, but a goal feels more realistic, more attainable than a resolution. It feels like something that’s within your grasp, something you have the power to achieve versus a nebulous state of better “being” or improved habits, which is often the case with resolutions.

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In keeping with the past few months, I’m setting a handful of monthly goals for January { which I’m holding until next week since this is a lengthy post on its own }. These help keep me focused on shorter term achievements, things that maybe don’t need to be a focus all year long, but are important to me this month.

On top of that, I’ve ruminated over the long-term goals I have for this year, too. It’s tough to know where 365 days might take you — I certainly didn’t anticipate or plan for much of what happened in 2014 — so my focus is on things that can apply to almost any life situation and can be developed over time, not checked off a list each passing week.

Preserving memories, saving better, being more efficient, and celebrating little victories. In broad strokes, those are my focus areas this year.

Create a running scrapbook
Create a running scrapbook // Bubbly Design Co 2015 Goals
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Scrapbooking used to be one of my favorite hobbies. In fact, I took a few weeks after college, before I started my first big-girl job to regroup and spent at least 50% of my time scrapbooking. I still love the book I created because it encapsulates all of the highlights of my college years.

I’ll never again have that much dedicated time for scrapbooking, so what’s a girl to do? Well, I recently created our wedding album using MyPublisher { more to come on this! }. Essentially a program that lives on my computer where I can upload photos, build any number of pages and save my project. Carving out just a few Sundays during the year to digitally scrapbook, I hope to have a 100 page book at the end of 2015!

Back up plan: if November hits and I don’t have any pages made, scrapbook like crazy until the end of the year. Hah! No, I really hope that doesn’t happen…

Create an emergency fund
Save for an Emergency Fund // Bubbly Design Co 2015 Goals
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In addition to some personal financial goals that are too specific to share, one area we’re focused on this year is to create a new saving account where we can build our emergency fund. 2014 brought some scary challenges with it financially { job changes, a basement flooding, etc. } and I want to be better prepared for that if it ever happens again. I highly recommend Em for Marvelous’s post on this topic and her whole Marvelous Money series, too!

Streamline to-do lists
Bubbly Design Co 2015 Goals // Streamline To-Do Lists
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I’m a huge fan of writing out — and checking off – to-do lists but I have a pesky habit of buying too many cute notebooks, which leads to lists in all sorts of places. I’m not sure I can curb my fanaticism with paper goods, so instead, I’m looking at ways of digitizing all of my notes and lists. I’ve tried some apps in the past that haven’t stuck, but recently saw Lara Casey recommended Things as her go-to way of organizing. I’d love any other suggestions and hope to implement a new system that will work for me this year { even if that is just a new way of hand-writing to-do lists }.

Do one thing each week I’m proud of
Do something each week you can feel proud of // Bubbly Design Co 2015 yearly goal
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This is the most resolution-esque of all the yearly goals because it’s much harder to define what success or achievement looks like. However, I think it’s a worthwhile focus because the rush I get from accomplishing something, following through on a goal or even knocking items off a seemingly menial to-do list — well, I think that feeling should be celebrated as a goal all on it’s own. If I can pinpoint proud moments each week, it’s like being grateful to my own hard work and celebrating little victories along the way instead of rushing to the next thing.

And, as long as I’m consistently blogging — and hopefully contributing to Glitter Guide — I should be good to go on this one!

Have you set any resolutions or just goals you want to regularly check in on throughout 2015? I would love to hear! Plus, don’t forget – writing them down makes you more likely to achieve them so share away!

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