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Love / Lust / Must – Vol. 3 { Valentine’s Gifts }

The month of love is almost upon us! Do people actually call February that or did I totally just make that up?

I’m curious to know – do you and your family / friends / significant others typically give gifts for Valentine’s Day? Even when my husband and I were first dating, we never really made a huge deal out of Valentine’s Day presents. I was never big into flowers or chocolate — though admittedly, I’ve received both once or twice — and since V-day falls just after Christmas, it never seemed necessary to do anything more than spend time together { especially on our broke college kid budgets }.

But here’s the thing. Has something ever caught your eye that you really don’t need but you want so badly that you start to think up all the fake holidays and excuses you can to justify the purchase? Yep… that’s what happened to me when I spotted this chocolate brown Pipeline Saddle bag from Kate Spade Saturday. Love, love, love.

So maybe this Love / Lust / Must is a hint to the hubby, or maybe it’s just my own internal justification because I want this bag. Either way, here’s a collection of items that I think would make great Valentine’s Day gifts for your spouse, your mom, you friends… or even yourself.

You know… if presents are a thing you do in your house.

Great ideas for Valentine's Day gifts at all price points! // Bubbly Design Co. Love Lust Must volume 3

a pop of red // love // lust // must
the perfect bag // love // lust // must
shiny baubles // love // lust // must

Pop of Red
There are so many ways to add a small pop of red to your wardrobe or your look around Valentine’s Day. And while I adore a pop of color on my toes — and these flats make me squeal with glee — I’d go with the MUST here. I’m itching to try Bite’s newest lip tint, and I can think of a few girlfriends who would really appreciate it as a gift, too.

The Perfect Bag
The name says it all. Plus, I’m a big fan of investing in certain pieces that are sure to be classic, go-with-everything, well-loved items. This LUST bag is exactly that to me.

Shiny Baubles
I find myself pretty torn between the LUST and MUST in this case. I think a pair of Kendra Scott earrings are a classic buy, especially in mother of pearl. I can see myself wearing these neutral baubles on so many occasions. But, if you want something a little trendy and funky, save more than a few dollars with these Bauble Bar “jacket” style earrings { where it wraps behind your ear, for decoration on both sides of your earlobe }.

Are you pining after any special Valentine’s Day gifts this year?

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