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5 Makeup Hacks from the Professionals

5 professional makeup hacks you can use in everyday makeup application // Bubbly Design Co.

Over the holidays, my sisters and I had our makeup done professionally for the New Year’s Eve marriage celebration we threw. Besides my wedding, when a close family friend who was trained as a makeup artist did my makeup, I’ve never really had a stranger assess my face and then make me over.

My typical makeup routine is very simple — tinted moisturizer, a little eyeshadow and mascara and I’m out the door. So, with the captive attention of a professional makeup artist, I used the opportunity to chit chat about how I could improve upon my own makeup skills, not just by buying products, but through actual application and artistry tricks.

And guess what?! She was SO helpful! So today, I thought I’d share these five amazing professional makeup hacks that you can use { almost } every day!

1. Get your makeup done for free { sort of } 

Get your makeup done professionally at the mall // Bubbly Design Co. Makeup Hacks from Professionals

The first tip is pretty simple, but something I don’t think is common knowledge.

You can book appointments at just about any department store makeup counter and have your makeup done by a professional makeup artist any day of the week. The only catch is there’s usually a required product purchase — around $50 — that’s your form of payment. It’s really a win-win, especially if you need to replace a tube of mascara or want help selecting a foundation. You get the undivided attention of a professional for about an hour, get to learn about a makeup brand you might be interested, and take home a “souvenir,” so to speak.

Next time you’re planning a girls night out or a special date with your hubby, treat yourself to a professional makeup appointment and update your products while you’re at it.

Note: they don’t handle traditional wedding parties as they can’t commit to an exact schedule.

2. Apply mascara to your bottom lashes first

Apply mascara to your bottom lashes first // Everyday Makeup Hackvia }

This was one of those “A-HA!” moments that you can hardly believe you didn’t think of yourself. Do you ever find yourself getting little splotches of mascara below your brow bone because you’ve applied mascara to your top lashes, then need to look down to get to your bottom lashes. Genius professional tip — go against your instinct and apply to bottom lashes first. It’ll save you from any mascara spots on your upper lid!

3. Dab on foundation or concealer with your fingers, then use an applicator to blend

Apply concealer and foundation with your fingers, then blend with an applicator // Bubbly Design Co.'s 5 Everyday Makeup Hacks You Need to Know

Brushes or sponges intended for foundation application suck up a lot of extra liquid if you use them for application from the bottle or tube to your face. Instead, use your fingers to dab foundation or concealer onto your face, then use your brush or sponge to blend it into your skin. It may seem small, but I can guarantee this’ll make your products last longer because it won’t be wasted, sitting in your sponges until you wash it away.

4. In a pinch {or when you’re tight on time}, wear eyeshadow primer on its own

Time saving makeup trick: apply eyeshadow primer and skip the eyeshadow. Eyes will look brighter, with very little effort!via }

One of the products I was pretty impressed by during my appointment was the multi-tasking and multi-use Laura Mercier Eye Basics. Not only can it serve to grab onto your eyeshadow, making it last all day and preventing creasing, but it can also be worn alone as a pseudo-eyeshadow tint. The right shade will brighten your eyes and make them seem more open { hallelujah for tired eyes!}, will last all-day on it’s own and help your look feel more finished, without adding an extra step.

5. Apply concealer AFTER foundation

5 makeup hacks from the professionals that you can use every dayvia }

Okay this one was hard for me to believe. I have always. always. always. applied concealer first – it seemed so logical to cover up, then blend with foundation. Well get this… the concealer needs something to grab hold of in order to offer any sort of coverage and staying power. Same thing goes for foundation — which is why makeup artists swear by primer. But, even if you don’t want to add a step, at least swapping the order so foundation or tinted moisturizer comes before concealer, will make a huge difference! I’ve found that blending concealer into your foundation versus the opposite is actually easier, too!

I’d love to hear what other tricks you’ve picked up in your years of applying makeup! Please share so we can all get out the door easier, faster, and looking like the beauty queens we are.

{ Just kidding on that last part – but I do think you’re all beautiful and worthy of being called a queen, so there you have it! }

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