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As part of my contributions to Glitter Guide, I’ve been putting together the #GGBookClub  “Must Read” lists for a few months now. Shameless plug: you can check out my favorites from February here, January here and March is coming soon!  

I’m an avid reader, so the time and research that’s gone into reviewing and actually reading more and more books each month has been a fun challenge. Plus, it’s kept me motivated to carve out time for reading each day and opened me up to a wide variety of books that I might otherwise have skipped.

With all this reading, I’ve been doing, I started to see some similarities between some of today’s most popular books and other books I’ve read over the years. One thing lead to the next, and I came up with a new blog series I’m calling “The Swap List.”

The idea behind this series is that, while it’s great to find inspiration among some of the most popular topics, products, and ideas out there, you may also want to try something similar but a little “non-traditional.” Today’s Swap List is all about books, but I could just as easily be talking about trends in clothing, alternate paint colors for your house, or new restaurants to try. I’d love to hear what topics you might like to see featured in an upcoming Swap List!

But first, the books…

The Swap List // Book Club // Books to read if you liked Wild, Unbroken, or The Happiness Project

Wild was a quick, but engaging read for me. It chronicles Cheryl’s adventures hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, an epic-ly long hiking trail that runs along the west coast of the United States. As a teenager, my dad managed to get me to enjoy hiking and Bill Bryson’s A Walk In the Woods helped me find the humor and joy in it. It’s a literal and literary parallel to Wild in that Bryson hikes the Appalachian Trail along the east coast.

Just a few weeks ago, I was reading Unbroken while T-man was reading The Boys in the Boats. While the former is about POW’s surviving WWII and the latter is about a rowing team competing in the Berlin Olympics, there are some interesting similarities, particularly if you’re a fan of non-fiction. Both stories have moments of defeat and triumph and both are almost unbelievably true.

I actually read The Happiness Project and You Are a Bad Ass back to back, which is may be why I was able to find personal parallels across the two books. Rubin’s book is chock-a-block full of facts, figures, and studies about happiness along with her own experience or interpretation of it while Sincero’s is more of an in-your-face get-a-grip style mentoring. Ultimately, both books will help you look at life in a new way.

It seems that for every book I finish, I add three more to my “must read” list so this is a topic I could probably blog about every week. Let me know if you love this topic as much as I do, by sharing what you’re currently reading or wanting to read in the comments.

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    Emily Bradford
    March 5, 2015 at 2:50 pm

    Yay! More books for my to-read list on goodreads! 🙂 I absolutely loved A Walk in the Woods – Bill Bryson is hilarious!

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