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Love // Lust // Must – vol. 5 { beach style }

Happy Monday, friends! How was your weekend? It still feels surreal that that I spilled the beans about our big move and shared probably the most personal post to date about our reasons and rationale. I really appreciate all the good vibes you’ve been sending my way, though! Lots of exciting things to come…

You may also be thinking I’m crazy to be taking a vacation during this really big life change, but truthfully, our trip to Mexico has been a much needed distraction from all the packing, house & furniture selling, and logistics planning.

In honor of our little vacation–and because I don’t think I’m the only one with beach/summer/sunshine on the brain–I’ve collected some of my favorite beach style ideas, pairing their lustworthy and drool-inducing pieces with more budget-friendly “musts.”

Beach style at lustworthy and budget-friendly price points // what to buy for the beach this spring

a chic one piece
// love // lust // must //

I’ve been talking a lot more about bathing suits than I ever expected for March { here and here }. I guess I’ve been feeling inspired and excited about the resurgence in one piece swimsuits. Of course I love a girl that can confidently rock a tiny bikini, but I’m looking forward to trying out a few alternative styles this year, including this high waisted style I’ll be wearing in Cabo today. Stripes and florals make such a fun combination, but since I’m unsure how long this one piece trend will last, my choice would be the MUST from A&F { they actually have three cute one-piece options, which is telling from such a teen-focused brand, don’t you think? }. If you’re not into florals, Old Navy has another great striped option.

cute cover-up
// love // lust // must //

For our honeymoon in Barbados I allowed myself to indulge in a white fringed bathing suit cover up that has been my go-to ever since. So while I definitely don’t need to invest in another cover up, this lustworthy black number stopped me in my tracks while window shopping. The crochet lace detailing is really special and demands the higher price point. If you haven’t already invested in a chic cover up that can take you from beach to cocktails, this lust option seems like a piece you’ll have for years.

sleek sandals
// love // lust // must //

Alright… now we get to talk about the shoes! Forever my favorite part! In fact, I had so much fun browsing for sandals that I might do an entire Love / Lust / Must dedicated to spring sandal styles. What do you think? Ultimately, these lust sandals from Dolce Vita take the cake. The buttery leather, the caramel color, the perfect weave. Ahh! I’m still having a hard time justifying the lustworthy price tag here, but they are truly one of a kind. Guess I need to save up my pennies before they sell out…

This turned out to be more of an indulgent post than I intended, but I hope you know I never mean to encourage you to spend money, especially if it’s really going to break the bank for you–budgets are SO important, you guys! My goal is to showcase a few styles I’m loving and how to achieve the look at different price points. I add my commentary to help you decide which things may be worth the investment and those that are better suited for fast-fashion. Ultimately, I leave these ideas in your hands and would love to hear your thoughts, too!

What are you thinking of indulging in this spring? Any fun trends you can’t wait to try out?


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