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DIY to Try // Planter for the Indecisive

DIY Succulent planter -- the easiest way to dress up your plant containers using washi tape!
As I’m getting more settled into 8G { my nickname for our new apartment }, I’ve realized one decorating mantra that can apply to each and every room is that “a little green goes a long way.” No matter the season, bringing a little of the outdoors inside is a great way to keep things lively and fresh. Especially with spring weather {and summer just around the corner } flowers and plants are the perfect accent to add to your bedside table, coffee table, or even your entry way.

But if you’re like me, buying fresh flowers every week may not be realistic from either a budget or time standpoint. So why not try planting something that will live indoors through several seasons? Even if you’re like me and have a brown {or even black} thumb, I’m telling you, the answer is succulents! Not only are they inexpensive and easy to find, they come in tons of shapes and sizes for any decorating need. And, because they only require sun, warmth, and a little water, they are practically season-less when kept indoors.

Instead of leaving succulents in their store-bought containers, I like to try to dress them up a bit, like in this thrifted find from last fall. This time, I went an even simpler route. All you need is some paint, a terra cotta pot, decorative washi tape of your choosing, and about 10 minutes.

Let’s get started…

DIY Succulent planter -- the easiest way to dress up your plant containers using washi tape!

Start by spray painting your pot. I went with my favorite Rustoleum Gold, which I use pretty much everywhere as an unexpected neutral. In this case, it could pair easily with many different washi tape patterns, which is perfect if you’re indecisive and want to change up your look each season.

Tip: For apartment and city-dwellers, try placing the pot inside a cardboard box with the top removed. You’ll still want to spray paint outside, but this will keep the mess to a minimum. You could also opt for acrylic paint applied and apply with a paint brush instead.

Once the paint dries, use washi tape in a bright color to create a fun pattern around the outside of the pot. I went with vertical stripes to play up the upwards “sprouting” feel of this particular succulent. If you have the patience to do it, creating a chevron pattern with the washi tape would make even more of a statement.

Make sure to trim your washi tape with enough length that it can be tucked over the top lip and into the inside of the pot. Then add a little potting soil and plant the succulent. Ensure the soil fills the pot enough to hide the bottom edge of the washi tape.

DIY Succulent planter -- the easiest way to dress up your plant containers using washi tape!

Ta-da! Your succulent is now ready for it’s fabulous debut! Just don’t forget to water it about once a week { or really, don’t take my advice, just follow the instructions on the little card that comes with your plant }.

Who else is doing some indoor, or even outdoor planting this spring?

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