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Life Update // Bubbly Design Co // May 2015

How is it already mid-May? I know that’s something we always seem to say when we get busy and life is flying by. But I find that pausing every now and then to reflect on exactly how we got to this point in time helps me appreciate the moments–both big and small–as they pass by. So in that spirit, I thought I’d share a quick look back at what’s been going on since our cross-country road trip.

So far, New York has treated us quite well from weather to events and even in settling in to our cozy little apartment (which I’ll be referring to simply as “8G”) and exploring our new neighborhood. In fact, its been such a beautiful spring, which is a treat for anyone but for the New Yorkers worn down by a terrible winter, it’s been a huge blessing and everyone here seems so happy and appreciative, it’s contagious.

With my new day job, I’ve been lucky enough to attend some fun events around the city including Gigi on Broadway and the Tribeca Film Festival. We also splurged on Finding Neverland tickets as a welcome back to the city present to ourselves (totally wonderful, I highly recommend it!).

Another big benefit to our big move was to be able to spend time with family and so, in just 5 weeks, I’ve spent one weekend with my family in Maryland and one with my in-laws in Southampton. Both were such sweet yet simple reminders of why every ounce of hassle was worth it in this move process.

Life Update // Bubbly Design Co // May 2015our new neighborhood // flowers to make 8G feel like home // family on the beach

Outside of all the activities, our free time has really been used to settle in to our apartment and a new routine. Organizing closets, continuing to downsize our belongings { the apartment is only 750 square feet, after all), and finalizing our furniture layout have been surprisingly time consuming. And, while all of this activity has meant very limited time for personal hobbies like blogging, I can’t wait to share more of our adventures here, a few lessons learned along the way and much more.

Thanks for staying tuned along the journey! Hope you’ve had a wonderful May so far, too!

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