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Solving for Four Small Space Challenges

In moving from Denver to New York City we really had to accept the change from a 4 bedroom house {which was really far too big for the two of us} to a 750 square foot apartment. I’ve actually enjoyed the challenge of downsizing… for the most part. I’ll admit, there were a few things that were hard to part with and I have been mourning the loss of so many fun spaces to style. However, in general, I feel a lightness and a comfort with living with less–and trying to be more efficient in the way we live.

Of course, small spaces aren’t without their challenges so I’ve been collecting inspiration for certain areas of 8G that I’m struggling with. If you’re looking for some fresh inspiration for making small spaces work or simply optimizing the space you have, these will hopefully spark some ideas for all of us.

Multi-purpose spaces

Small space inspiration // Bubbly Design Co{ via }

While we don’t have a studio and our layout does afford for some division between living room, dining and sleeping spaces, I’m still getting used to the way in which each space has to serve different purposes depending on the day, the week and the event. I love how this space balances coziness and functionality all while packing a ton of style! It will be the little elements like baskets under the coffee table or a cute pencil cup that will help us nail a multi-purpose space for entertaining, working, and lounging.

Defining office space

Small space inspiration -- desk in an open space // Bubbly Design Covia }

One of our specific multi-purpose space challenges will be creating a defined office area that shows some personality without overwhelming or detracting from our living room. In our Colorado house, I loved my office not just because I actively used it for blogging projects, photo shoots, and more but because it was where I experimented with style and displayed all the things I love. With the office out in the open now, I’ll need to be more cognizant of styling for both form and function and defining a space but leaving it flexible enough to merge with the overall space. Shelves, art, and even a little rug underneath the desk should help.

Side note: I totally bow down to Amy of Homey Oh My, who I consider to be the master of creating the perfect open-space “office” space jam-packed with personal style. One day maybe…

Creating a cozy corner

Small space inspiration // cozy corner in bedroom // Bubbly Design Co.

{ via }

One area where we totally lucked out in 8G is the size of our bedroom. We’ve gained several feet compared to our Colorado master bedroom and I’d love to use the extra space to create a cozy nook for reading, lounging and maybe displaying prized accessories. I love that this space provides a bit of storage, but more importantly brings personality to a bedroom without looking cluttered or busy.

Bathroom storage

Small bathroom storage inspiration // add shelves above the toilet{ via }

Whether in Denver or New York City, I’ve found that small bathrooms tend to have pedestal sinks, which pose their own challenge. They may be pretty but they are seriously lacking in storage, both below the sink and oftentimes on top of it. While I don’t want to clutter the sink, there are certain realities in bathrooms you have to consider–hand soap, a place to hang a towel, electronic toothbrushes that need to be plugged in, etc. I’m hoping to resolve this challenge with a few strategic shelves and hooks above the toilet but it’s been a challenge to pick just the right thing for our tiny little space.

So what do you think? Do you have other small space design challenges I should consider? Or tips for optimizing these types of areas? I’d love to hear and I can’t wait to share more from 8G soon!


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