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Monthly Goals // June 2015

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Can you feel that summer is in the air? This weekend wasn’t even June yet, but it was hot, even extremely humid yesterday and there was something in the air that made me feel a growing giddiness about summer. Maybe it was a day spent by the pool over Memorial Day or taking a spontaneous drive for a hike over the Hudson River, but I am all about sunshine-filled, summery days and squeezing as much “vacation-mode” as I can out of each weekend.

Do you ever sit down to look at your summer calendar and realize that nearly every single one of your precious weekends of summer is booked, though? Even though the obligations are usually fun things like weddings, birthday celebrations, and even vacation, it can often feel like we’re over-extending ourselves to make the most of these amazing summer months.

I started to feel that way recently, but finally sat down to look at a calendar and realized I actually have a lot of flexibility and open weekends still–hooray! And while I want to maintain a balance between booking trips & activities and spending spontaneous weekends at home, my first goal for June is to make plans or at least set a few more fun things in motion to make it a memorable summer.

Kicking off June with a set of monthly goals // June 2015 // Bubbly Design Co.


For those spontaneous weekends–and even week nights–spent in the city, I’ve been ruminating on an NYC bucket list and want to formalize it and start actively seeking out certain restaurants and experiences you can only find here. And don’t worry, I plan to share all of it along the way.

I’ve found that I often save content or don’t share certain parts of life because I didn’t get a great photo or I don’t think it’s “blog-worthy.” Of course, my goal is always to share inspirational, interesting and high quality content here on Bubbly Design Co. but I don’t want to force a filter on things just because I don’t have a professional photographer shooting my every move in life. Hopefully that sounds good to you, too!

And, as we settle in to our little apartment, 8G, I can’t say I’ll be ready to share fully designed spaces this month, but I’m getting closer! I’m putting together a mood board and e-design for our living room, which is the lynch pin of the whole apartment–and the furthest from being completed. In a few other areas of the apartment, I’m challenging myself to finish up the last details and styling so I can showcase at least one 8G home decor vignette here soon.

Now it’s your turn. I’d love to know what you are  up to this month! And did you notice that a few of my goals are carry-overs from April, not just May? Sometimes months don’t go as you planned and I think it’s most important to give yourself a break and always kick off a new month with a breath of fresh air and positivity.

Here’s to making it a great June!

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