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There’s a little secret I’ve been keeping for a few months now and I finally decided it’s time to spill the beans. Fair warning, though, it might not be exactly what you think…

My SISTER is pregnant!

I'm going to be an aunt! Pregnancy announcement for your sister or best friend.via }

Due in late September, this baby will be the first grandchild for both my parents and my brother-in-law’s parents, so it’s especially exciting for everyone involved. And, although I have twin nieces { through my sister-in-law — hi, Jo! }, this is the first time someone so close to me has been pregnant. So it’s with squealing excitement that I say, “I’m going to be an AUNT!”

I'm going to be an aunt!
via }

I’m beyond thrilled for this step in my sister’s life and couldn’t be happier for her and my brother-in-law to start their family. But let’s be honest, I pretty much feel like I’m the one who hit the jackpot.

Everyone knows aunts and uncles get to have all the fun without any { okay, maybe a little } of the responsibility when it comes to nieces and nephews. And I for one, plan on fully spoiling this child every chance I get — You want ice cream before dinner? Sure! You want to stay up late watching Frozen? Okay! Another dress up costume? YES!

What’s exciting for the designer and party thrower in me is that a new baby also provides tons of new excuses to stretch and grow my creative muscles. Everything from planning a baby shower to picking out baby registry items and even decorating a nursery! I couldn’t be happier that my sister is relying on — and trusting me — to help out with each step along the way.

And, although I’ve never really had a reason to cover baby-related topics on the blog before { with the exception of this baby shower }, I hope you’ll enjoy seeing this type of content pop up in the coming months. It’s things like party planning and room designing that make my heart sing and it doesn’t matter if that’s for a bachelorette party, a new living space, or a baby. My hope is that you feel the same way and enjoy when I share bits and pieces of life, as well as my creative work { but of course, tell me otherwise in the comments and I can certainly course-correct! }.

So here’s to new babies, aunts everywhere, and anything that makes your heart sing! And congratulations, Whitney & Alex!

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