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A Perfectly Written Valentine’s Day

Send a card to your loved ones from Design Design for Valentine's Day | Photo by Bubbly Design CoBack in high school, I disliked Valentine’s Day so much that my best friend instituted “I Love Jess Day” on February 15th, which was intended to cheer me up and help me forget about foolish boy drama. We usually spent the day on some girly adventure, reminding ourselves how awesome our friendship was/is and how much love we truly did have in our lives {even if we hadn’t found “the one” back then}.

While it sounds a little silly now, those “I Love Jess” celebrations were really what Valentine’s Day is all about, don’t you think? No, not being self-centered and expecting grand gestures from friends and loved ones… but it’s about about taking a moment to appreciate those you love and that love you back–whether that be romantic relationships, friendships, family, etc.

I’m still a little jaded about Valentine’s Day and the “traditional” ways to celebrate, so T-man and I typically lay low and celebrate at home together. We don’t have plans to exchange gifts but we do appreciate any excuse to give each other a card with a heartfelt note. We might say “I love you” regularly, but there’s something special about physically writing down how you feel towards your significant other.

So of course, I was thrilled to team up with Design Design, a paper goods company out of Grand Rapids, Michigan to share a little about their products right in time for Valentine’s!

Creative and clever cards from Design Design that are perfect for Valentine's Day | Photo by Bubbly Design Co.Letterpress and printed cards by Design Design are perfect for Valentine's Day and any other holiday | Photo by Bubbly Design Co.

Design Design believes in connecting people around all of life’s big and little celebrations. If that isn’t right up my alley, I don’t know what is! I’m a sucker for a handwritten note, believe there’s a reason to toast everyday occasions {usually with champagne} and absolutely adore snail mail. When I received this goody bag of treasures from Design Design, I {did a little happy dance and then…} was blown away by the variety, cleverness, and quality of the cards.

Seriously, they have everything from letterpress to custom printed and foiled designs to 3-dimensional cards with embellishments and lots of detailing. They are all unique, original designs, too, which I think is particularly great. It would be nearly impossible to pick a favorite from the small sampling of cards I received although my heart beats particularly fast for letterpress!

You can shop all of their Valentine’s Day card designs here or get more inspiration from Design Design on Instagram or Pinterest.

Creative and clever cards from Design Design that are perfect for Valentine's Day | Photo by Bubbly Design Co.Creative and clever cards from Design Design that are perfect for Valentine's Day | Photo by Bubbly Design Co.Design Design cards from Michigan | Photo by Bubbly Design Co.

Plus, these greeting cards barely scratch the surface of everything Design Design offers–gift wrap, paper goods, gifts and more. So much that I had to break up all the things about the company I want to share into two posts. I’ll be back tomorrow with even more Valentine’s Day goodies and a peek at how I’m styling our bar cart for our at-home celebrations.

I’d love to hear, how will you be celebrating and making your loved ones feel special?


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