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Weekending // Signs of Spring

The past few weeks have been a little jam-packed with a mix of life changes {new jobs}, fun events {Broadway, birthday parties} and a even a little travel. So I thought I’d use today to catch up on some of the every day stuff you might’ve missed.

rose gold Apple watch // sunglasses // fringe scarf, old // Nikes // denim // jacket

I finally got myself a pair of black Nikes {similar} and cannot stop wearing them. On the weekends, I used to always reach for a pair of ballet flats or maybe boat shoes in the spring but these are amazingly versatile — no wonder everyone and their boyfriends have a pair!

The J. Crew Field Jacket is another perennially popular item that I stalked for years before investing in. It works for so many occasions, especially this time of year when a cool breeze or a light rain is to be expected most weekends.

Style tip: For girls over 5’8”, go for a tall in the jacket. I hardly ever buy tall sizes at J. Crew but the extra sleeve & body length allows it to work over light sweaters OR roll up the sleeves. 

A few weeks ago, the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens celebrated the Cherry Blossom festival, which coincided nicely with the first truly spring-like day we had in New York City. So, we braved the {massive} crowds and joined thousands of other nature-starved city-dwellers to take in the blooms.

The cherry blossoms were great, but my favorite flowers were actually the Japanese Tree Peonies — they were the size of my head and looked a little like something out of a Dr. Seuss book.

The other big news I haven’t shared yet is that within the past few weeks, T-man and I both accepted new full-time jobs. Isn’t it funny how those things work out? We didn’t plan it, but are both so happy to have a fresh start and push ourselves to grow further in our careers.

In celebration of the new jobs, T-man and I treated ourselves to tickets to see Waitress on Broadway. Did you hear that Sara Bareilles wrote the music and it received a nomination for Best Original Score {oh yeah, and Best Musical, too}! Say what?! Sara has been one of my favorites since listening to her album on repeat while cramming for finals in college. So even though I {clearly} don’t know her, I felt this weird moment of pride watching the show.

Bottom line, it was GREAT! Not suitable for children, but so sweet, funny, and obviously great music.

In addition to a few birthday celebrations with friends over the past few weeks, we also celebrated a family wedding and officially added another cousin to our roster. The bride & groom actually hired our amazing wedding videographer–which we didn’t realize until he spotted us at cocktail hour. It was so nostalgic to see him and think back to our own amazing wedding.

A friend of the bride’s also figured out how to get a custom Snapchat filter for her wedding! Did you know you could do that or am I just totally behind? I was blown away… and a little sad that Snapchat didn’t exist for our wedding a few years ago!

On a related note, have you gotten on the Snapchat bandwagon yet? I was hesitant at first but I’m actually having a lot of fun with it now. Follow more of my adventures on Snapchat: @bubblydesignco

At the wedding with my niece who teaches me everything I need to know about Snapchat.

I hope you had a restful weekend and are ready to dive head first into Monday! I know we’ll all be counting down to the long weekend, too. I’ll be sharing my plans and impending #bubblytravels on the blog later this week–stay tuned!

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