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How to Mix & Match Dining Room Chairs

If there’s one thing I love when it comes to interiors, it’s breaking the mold a little bit. For each new project, I collect inspiration from a variety of sources but then try to create my own twist on a look I love. Today I thought I’d share one of the ways I’ve done that in my own home by mixing up my dining room chairs.

It all started when we invested in our gorgeous dining room table for our Colorado home {which is now squeezed into our little #8G apartment}. Mixing up the seating was originally born out of necessity. Because of the narrowness of our kitchen and entryway in our Denver home, we didn’t have space for traditional chairs on all four sides. Instead, the table I fell in love with had a matching bench that was a great option for a narrow room.

Since I didn’t want bench seating on both sides, I was challenged to find something unique to pair with the table and bench. I ended up with white imitation Eames chairs. I loved that the wood legs mimicked the table without being matchy, that the white color and style connected back to our bright, modern home and that overall the look wasn’t too heavy.

Side note: I always wanted to swap out for a more elegant set of captain’s chairs but never got around to it, so the Ikea upholstered chairs wouldn’t be my first recommendation to go with this set.

Because of how dining room furniture is traditionally sold, I think its easy to feel like you should buy things in a set with a table and matching chairs. There’s nothing wrong with that, but thinking outside the box can quickly infuse a ton of personality into your home. To help you achieve the mismatched look, here are my tips, featuring some stunning pieces from Chairish.

For those that may not be familiar, Chairish is an online retailer that buys and sells vintage furniture. They have an amazing assortment–even if you’re not in the market, it’s certainly fun to browse their selection of dining chairs!

Tip #1: Create contrast by mixing vintage and modern. This keeps things fresh but unexpected and is one of the main reasons I think pairing my farm style bench with plastic chairs works so well.

Tip #2: Seek out similar styles or at least similarly shaped chairs in a variety of colors or finishes. The lines and structure of the chairs will make everything look cohesive, even if it’s colorful

// pedestal table // teal armchairs // Ogetti armchairs //

Tip # 3: Mix and match a variety of textures, heights and styles. In general, heavy upholstered chairs are best used in pairs as statement pieces {I like them on the ends} and can be balanced out with more airy pieces in wood or metal, but with no upholstery.

// table // upholstered chairs // bentwood chairs // bertoia knoll welded chairs //

Tip # 4: Try similar styles in different colors OR similar colors but in different styles — at least from different time periods. The goal here is to have chairs that are just different enough but are subtly tied together through a single element such as color.

// table // ant chairs // Linden style chairs // midcentury chairs //

I could’ve kept mixing and matching for hours but tried to keep it to my top tips and a broad range of examples. If you happen to be in the market for dining room chairs, here are a few more favorites from Chairish: this upholstered pair, this midcentury pair, a masculine set of 6, and the captain’s chairs I needed back in Denver {no way would they fit in #8G!}.

And, since I’m certainly not an authority on this topic, you can get even more ideas and tips from this amazing resource and this blog

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