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Planning a trip to Bermuda // Bubbly Travels via

Baby, why don’t we go…

To Bermuda, of course! That’s how the song goes, right?! And so that’s where I’m headed this weekend.

Halloween weekend may seem like a bit of an odd time to take vacation, but until we have children, T-man and I sort of feel like any weekend is fair game for a trip. Earlier this fall, we were feeling vacation starved and started researching warmer locales for an extended weekend trip. Our qualifications were:

(1) Warmer, not colder than NYC {Iceland didn’t make this cut this time…}

(2) Extraordinarily relaxing {no adventure-seeking or major sight seeing}

(3) *Hopefully* no Zika {too many health scares for any female of child-bearing age}

The beauty of planning this trip is really how low stress it’s been. You’ve seen how into trip planning I can get {Exhibit A} but in this case, I’ve read a couple of articles and blog posts that make me feel totally confident in being spontaneous and seeing what we feel like doing in the moment. I guess that’s the very definition of spontaneity, but it’s a fairly foreign concept to me! #totalplanneroverhere

With temps looking to be in the mid-70’s, I’m not expecting full-blown beach days. Certainly some walks on the beach, lounging by the pool, and some nice meals. On top of that, there are a few Bermuda-specific highlights that I’m hoping to hit:

Renting mopeds — there are a very limited number of cars on the island and tourists are not allowed to rent them. Instead, you can get around with public transportation or mopeds. The trick will be driving on the left side of the street since it’s a British territory!

Rum Swizzles — I tried to develop my palate for straight rum while we were in Barbados on our honeymoon and it didn’t work. Instead I plan on enjoying a few of the island’s unofficial drinks, the Rum Swizzle.

A hike through Tom Moore’s Jungle — how could I possibly miss a tourist attraction with my father’s namesake? I can’t!

Paddle boarding — okay so in fairness this is not at all Bermuda specific but I’ve been dying to get out on a paddle board since I tried it for the first time this summer. Fingers crossed the water is warm enough!

And duh, Horseshoe Beach, which has been voted amongst the world’s top beaches #saywhat!?

Follow along as the next #bubblytravels adventure unfolds.

Featured photo via one of my favorite blogs, Lemon Stripes.

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