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Link Love – vol. 16

Link Love vol. 16 // Bubbly Design Co.{via}

Happy Friday! T-man and I are off on yet another weekend adventure today. We’ll be visiting dear friends in Raleigh and meeting their four month old baby – hooray! Oh and also pretending that Thanksgiving cannot possibly be next week. How did that happen? #butreally

I haven’t been good at making these Link Love posts a regular thing so I started to brainstorm what would make them more fun for you and even easier for me to write. I’m thinking about renaming it and trying to stick to it. But do you like something more freeform or should it have a little more structure so you know what to expect each time? I would love your thoughts! In the meantime, here’s what I’m reading, watching, listening to and enjoying from all over the web.


During our trip to Bermuda, I finished two very different books, The Alchemist and Today Will Be Different. The former is a literary classic that I can see myself re-reading every few years. It’s a sweet reminder of how you can find happiness by listening to your heart.

The second book by Maria Semple spanned a single day in a woman’s life. It is as quirky and emotional as her previous book, Where’d You Go, Bernadette {which I adored} but didn’t have quite as much sticking power for me.

Now I’m reading a surprisingly good one called Who We Were Before. Honestly, I only gave it a shot because it was on Kindle Unlimited {which has been a big disappointment}. This is the first “free” book I’ve enjoyed. It’s about a husband and wife both dealing with a tragic event and the chapters are told from their varying points of view across a few years. Keeps you on your toes!

In total transparency, I’m not a binge-watcher or a huge TV buff. Earlier this fall, we watched season 1 of Narcos when friends started buzzing about season 2. I enjoyed it and the subtitles forced me to give it my full attention but I’m not ready to dive into season 2 right away.

I’ve also been a fan of How to Get Away with Murder from the beginning. It’s my TV guilty pleasure. No matter how trashy it gets, I just have to see who’s #UnderTheSheet!

But I feel like I discovered an unknown gem when we started watching Good Girls Revolt, which launched on Amazon a few weeks ago. It’s about a news magazine in the late 60’s where the women serve as researchers for male reporters. The cast is great, the wardrobe is a treat, and the plot lines are based on true stories. It’s Mad Men meets Newsroom and since those are two of my all-time favorite shows, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by how much I love it. Highly recommend!

St. Lucia “Dancing on Glass” and really anything on my Spotify “Daily Mix” playlists.

Have you discovered these playlists yet? From the app, go to “Your Library” in the main menu and you’ll find curated playlists based on your listening habits. It’s my new obsession since I got a little bored of “Discover Weekly.”

Around the Web
Be our guest. The trailer for the next live action Disney movie was released and WOW! I’m not usually a Disney fangirl, but I’ll admit to being excited.

A girl’s best friend. Long live the pencil skirt, a wardrobe staple with an illustrious past.

Shop ’til you drop. There are so many good pop-ups happening in NYC. I have to find time to check out this one and this one!

Educate yourself. This is the best article I’ve found that explains what’s going on with the popular vote vs. Electoral College. I haven’t said much about the election here, but (re)educating ourselves is a good first step. Figuring out what we’re willing to accept and what change we want to fight for comes next. And that’s all I’ll say about that.

Cheers to the weekend, friends!

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