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Life Update February 2017 / Bubbly Design Co.

This week we’re heading into March! One of my favorite sayings is “The days are long but the years are short.” and that’s certainly been true for 2017. It is just crazy to think we haven’t even been in our new house for three months yet but the year is already in full swing.

We’ve been slowly chipping away at house projects and finally made some decisions on a few bigger purchases — a rug for the kitchen, an oversized mirror for the living room and more. As I’ve said before, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the decisions and the ‘domino effect’ of choosing one thing which leads to the next and the next and the next. But I have a prioritized list of items we need {ok, want} and try to be deliberate and thoughtful about each purchase we make. I think my goal for March is to actually “finish” one or two spaces. Even if it’s not perfectly done, I think setting up and styling a single room, making decisions about where things will live even temporarily will be good for us and help us feel settled.

One of the most exciting projects we completed this month was installing our Elfa closet in our master bedroom. Wow. That’s either really silly, embarrassing, or awesome depending on how you look at home ownership and organization. Hah! We are making due with a fairly small, shared walk-in in our new house and we knew it needed to work really hard for us, organizationally. This was the third time we’ve designed our own closet and I’m a such a huge fan. I’m thinking I’ll share a little tutorial and design plan of the Elfa closets we’ve done. I find it incredibly fun and interesting to see all the ways you can configure a simple space to meet your needs.

Outside our ongoing house projects, we also made time to have a little fun. My parents came to visit from Maryland and we saw On Your Feet on Broadway. I’ll admit, I thought it might be a little cheesy but it was really fun and the lead actress is Gloria to a T. We also found a new pre-theater dinner favorite, Butter. I’d been to the one downtown years ago but didn’t realize how close the one on 45th was to Broadway theaters. We usually end up in Hells Kitchen before shows, which is just a bit more touristy. At Butter, every detail was truly enjoyable – nicely done cocktails, inventive salads and even better main courses. I highly recommend it!

Earlier in the month, we also went to The Lumineers concert. I usually can’t stand big venue shows at Madison Square Garden but they somehow made it feel more intimate and I really just loved every second of it. My little sister came for an overnight, we met our friends’ adorable daughter Lily and ended the month with a quick trip to Boston for a little college hockey and nostalgia. We got so lucky with the weather last weekend, too!

Life Update February 2017 / Bubbly Design Co.
Life Update February 2017 / Bubbly Design Co.

I’d like to think things will slow down a bit next month but we already have two trips on the calendar and a wedding. I’m also starting to dream up our summer plans because it feels like it’ll be here before we know it and I don’t want it to fly by without getting a few fun things scheduled.

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    Mary Ann
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