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Summer Bucket List for the Suburbs

Summer Bucket List 2017 // Bubbly Design Co.

As you guys know, we made the leap from Manhattan to “train town” with the purchase of our #no2project earlier this year. So this summer marks our first as suburban dwellers. It may be less likely that we’ll hit up every street festival, rooftop bar, and city activity this year but I’m also looking forward to the things that are now more accessible or easier for us {most importantly, weekend trips!}.

In honor of today being the longest day of the year, here’s what’s topping my Summer 2017 Bucket List:

  1. Get a bike — I was never a brave enough Manhattanite to zip around town on a Citibike, although I hear great things about it. However, there are some trails around our town and connecting us to other nearby train towns, which should be totally manageable. Step one, though, is to hunt down a bike , preferably on Craigslist because I don’t have one!
  2. Drive aimlessly — I have never done this, but love the idea of having no plans, no where to be and no schedule. At least for one afternoon, I think we should be able to swing it.
  3. Visit Bellport, NY — I keep hearing about this cute little town on Long Island. We have a few reasons to head out that way this summer so I hope to stop in for a quick visit & photo opp!
  4. Play tennis — This one made our list last year but we were unsuccessful. I even invested in a tennis outfit {complete with white, pleated skirt} and purchased a racket under the misguided impression that our apartment complex in NYC had a court {turned out to be shuffleboard only}. So this year, I’m on a mission to find a public court nearby and play with T-man.
  5. Go paddleboarding — One of my favorite days of last summer was spent paddleboarding through the Cape Cod canals. I am determined to have another boarding adventure in Maine this year.
  6. Build something for our house — We may not be the most handy couple but T-man and I are always up for house projects, solving challenges and learning new things. In addition to painting and redecorating, we really want to create something and tackle a true DIY project.
  7. Watch as many sunsets as possible — I know everybody likes sunsets but I’m not sure I’ve met anyone as obsessed with them as I am. I’ll of course appreciate them on vacation and weekends, but since our backyard faces northeast, I’d like to figure out a spot we can walk to to take them in on weeknights during the summer months.
  8. Have at least one city adventure — I know I said we want to make the most of our life outside the city, but there are too many fun things going on to not schedule something in NYC. It may take a little more effort, so we’ll have to choose wisely and plan ahead. {If you’re in NYC, let me know what should top our list!}

What’s making your Summer Bucket List this year? Any fun ideas we should add to our list?
If you need more inspiration, my previous summer bucket lists can be seen here.

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