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End of Summer & Strapless Style Tips

Strapless Styles for the End of Summer Strapless Styles for the End of Summer Strapless Styles for the End of SummerFavorite white jeans // Gingham top // Monogram clutch

Around this time of year, I really start to lament the quickly approaching end of summer. It seems that the days start getting shorter so much more quickly than they should. The crickets have been out in full force for weeks now — a sure sign of late summer in the mid-Atlantic states. And I’ve started to look at my summer wardrobe with an eye towards “one last chance” to wear things. I guess that’s a bit macabre, but it also makes me reflect on some of my favorite pieces of this summer.

While I’m a big advocate for multi-season styles, we all have at least a few pieces that scream summer {and just cannot be worn past mid-September}, right? This romper, for example. An off-the-shoulder dress. And of course, this gingham one-shoulder piece that fit in perfectly this weekend in Southampton.

Side note: I don’t think I’ve worn a one-shoulder since sophomore year of high school, when I was unabashedly obsessed with them. But they’re baaa-aack! #whatgoesaroundcomesaround

Strapless Styles for the End of SummerStrapless Styles for the End of SummerStrapless Styles for the End of SummerStrapless Styles for the End of Summer

This may be TMI for some of you, but my lady friends can appreciate just how much use you get out of your strapless bras during the summer months, too. Seriously, they may be some of the hardest working pieces in my arsenal from June to August. I actually went a few weeks without a nude-colored strapless bra this summer {#washingmachinefail} and I felt like half of my closet was unwearable! I just cannot handle visible bra straps in any scenario. No way, no how.

I’d heard a lot about ThirdLove earlier this year and finally decided to give them a shot. I’ll save you the juicy details, but was kind of tickled to find out I fell into one of the “half cup” sizes they created in their effort to literally break the mold of standard bras. I no longer felt stuck in between!

I’ve been wearing the 24/7 T-Shirt bra for weeks now and loved the fit & comfort level immediately. Given there are just a few weeks left of strapless style season, I’m also considering a late-summer order of their Classic Strapless, too. It certainly would help make the most of my “one last chance” to wear some of my favorite pieces {or at least make it a little comfier}!

ThirdLove inspired me to share some of my favorite strapless styles for the end of summer and now it’s your turn to do the same! What’s the number one summer piece you’ll be wearing again before fall arrives?

Although this post was inspired by ThirdLove, all opinions are my own and I’m truly a fan of the bras I’ve tried. I encourage you to give them a shot and highly recommend their free trial option

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