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Back to School Shopping

I may not be heading back to school this month, but I can’t help but get excited about the new season and the one thing that’s guaranteed to come with it. Back to school shopping! For 18 years, I was trained that September = a new year. In my house, the new year meant fresh school supplies, a new outfit, and most importantly, new sneakers! Not sure why the latter was my favorite, but what can I say? I’ve always been shoe-obsessed.

September in NYC is usually pretty hot and still humid. So even though we’re craving fall outfits, it’s typically hard to enjoy them right away. But not this year! Mornings and evenings are already cooling off, even hitting the 40’s in the suburbs! Even though I want to get the most out of my favorite summer pieces, my virtual shopping cart has been quickly filling up with sweaters, fall hues and even scarves!

Here’s a peek at what’s been on my back to school shopping list so far this year…

Back to School Shopping // Fall 2017

Lace detail top // Black tote // Satin sneakers // Plaid wrap // Navy joggers // Puff-sleeve sweater // Blue cross-body // Mules // Cardigan // Sunglasses // Notebook // Pencil cup //

I bought the navy joggers from Target’s new line and highly recommend sizing down. They are a nice balance between casual & comfy but yet office-appropriate. I plan to pair them with a white ruffle blouse now and a gray sweater with mules as it cools off.

I also can’t seem to get enough black tote bags. This one is less than $40 and from the photos looks easily 3x that price! You’ll also never guess where the gray cardigan is from. I haven’t shopped that particular store in at least 7 years, but smart details like the lace-up edge are making me reconsider.

It’s fun to reflect on what my back to school shopping list would’ve looked like ten or fifteen years ago. I loved colors & matching. I think I had Converse All Stars in at least three colors including red and hot pink. And I wore a heck of a lot of belts {to match said All Stars}.

Of course as we grow up, our style evolves. I may’ve narrowed in on a more versatile wardrobe with fewer bold, stand-out pieces. But the thing that remains? I still like to have fun getting dressed. I love when my outfits really show off my own creativity and personality. But I also have a weird voyueristic interest in what other people put in their shopping carts. So I’d love to know — what’s the #1 piece you’ve been itching to buy this season?

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