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Why You’ll Want to Shop at Homesense, Stat

Why You'll Want to Shop Homesense, Stat

I’ve been known to spend more than an hour browsing at HomeGoods and then leaving with just wrapping paper and a new candle or tray. And I’ve easily spent full afternoons winding my way through the staged rooms at IKEA. So I was beyond thrilled when I heard Homesense was coming to New Jersey and even more excited when they invited me to their preview event ahead of the grand opening today, September 7th at 8am.

**Please excuse the iPhone photos throughout the post. The shots are bad, the lighting isn’t great but I wanted to share a realistic picture of how I experienced the brand for the first time. Hopefully this is more helpful {and exciting!} than a perfectly staged photo shoot.**

Why You'll Want to Shop Homesense, StatWhy You'll Want to Shop Homesense, Stat

My first impression upon entering the store was that it was HUGE. In reality, I’m guessing it’s on par with your average HomeGoods but the ceilings were extremely tall and the store was beautifully lit. Even if the merchandise looks similar, then, it sets a different tone right away.One of the first areas I gravitated towards was the lighting — not just because it’s near the entrance but also because it was so nicely staged. I’ve sourced many affordable lamps from HomeGoods but unlike at HomeGoods where they are tucked away in aisles and you’re lucky to find a matching pair, the lamps here were truly on display. Multi-level tables and a bright white wall made them stand out like the showpieces they are.

Plus… hello chandeliers! There were rows and rows of beautiful pendants and chandeliers grouped by style/material/color. To me, this was one of the biggest product differences between Homesense and HomeGoods since I’ve only seen table or floor lamps at HomeGoods. We’re looking to source a new overhead light for the kitchen so I’ll definitely be shopping this section soon.

Why You'll Want to Shop Homesense, StatWhy You'll Want to Shop Homesense, StatWhy You'll Want to Shop Homesense, Stat

Within the furniture and rugs section, I’d say there was just more of everything. Full bedroom sets {headboard, dresser + side tables}, sleeper sofas, and chairs. Plus all the accent furniture you’ve come to love HomeGoods for — small tables, sideboards, etc. And oh my word, SO so many rugs organized by size, making it so easy to shop! They even named it the “Rug Emporium” and it lives up to that title.

Another thing that struck me about the store — beyond being beautifully staged and organized for the preview — was that they actually have multiples of the same product. This isn’t typically the case with HomeGoods where you’re lucky to find two matching curtain panels {so forget it if you have more than one window to dress}. This duplication may be a factor of it being the grand opening, but I’ll be curious if they’re able to keep it stocked in a similar way going forward.

Why You'll Want to Shop Homesense, StatWhy You'll Want to Shop Homesense, Stat
Homesense vs. HomeGoods
While I love a good “hunt” at HomeGoods, Homesense encourages more discovery and inspiration. The stores feature similar merchandise with a few notable differences, especially the chandeliers and duplicates of items. The price point and brands featured  are both generally the same, as well.

I’d love to hear what you think if you make it out to one of the Homesense stores.

Thanks again, Homesense for having me!

Although I was invited to attend the press preview, this post was not sponsored by Homesense. All opinions are genuinely my own and I hope you found it helpful!

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