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5 Weeknight Meals for Cooler Weather

It seems as though fall (weather) has finally arrived on the East Coast. Last weekend, we packed away shorts and summer accoutrements and pulled out all the cozy fall things. And now that the sky is dark by the time I get home from work, I crave the easiest, fastest meals possible on weeknights. Whereas on summer nights we would grill on the back patio and hang around enjoying the sunset, something about cooler weather makes me appreciate quick, easy and simple. All the better so we can get on to cuddling on the couch and watching our favorite fall TV shows.

Over the years of cooking together — or should I say T-man cooking and me chopping/playing music/talking about my day — we’ve honed in on a handful of weeknight meals that we love this time of year. We still like to switch it up and try new recipes, but these are our no-fail go-to’s for those (sometimes) uninspired week days.


5 Weeknight Meals for Cooler Temps
When You Need Something Quick & Easy: Sheet Pan Fajita

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These have become somewhat of a staple around our house and are certainly not relegated to just colder weather. But, when you want an easy “throw & go” type of meal, this hits the spot every time. We almost always have frozen shrimp on hand and I’m a huge pepper fan so this is my ideal easy weeknight meal.

Another great no fuss, no clean-up meal is this Pesto Salmon & Italian Veggies. Buy a jar of pre-made pesto, throw the ingredients into a foil packet et voila!


5 Weeknight Meals for Cooler Temps

When You Want Something Healthier: Kale & Turkey Sausage with Parmesan

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Ever since I discovered the massaging trick, T-man and I looove a good kale salad. But this recipe takes it to a whole new level with a slight sautee method on the kale that is downright delicious. If you are not yet a kale devotee, please give this a shot, for me?

Prefer a slightly saltier or crispier meat option? Try this Kale & Prosciutto Salad that serves equally well as a main or side dish.


5 Weeknight Meals for Cooler Temps

When You Have Time To Plan Ahead: White Chicken Chili

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We just whipped out the crockpot this week and made this recipe for the first time in months. It’s seriously 5 ingredients and super simple! The advance planning comes into play if you want to (1) make your own Salsa Verde (if so you are an overachiever and I commend you) or (2) to remember to get the crockpot out and dump everything in before you leave for work. Highly recommend!


5 Weeknight Meals for Cooler Temps



When You Want All the Flavors: Chopped Winter Salad

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Are you surprised to see two salads on this list? While I love a nice warm meal in the depths of winter, fall seems like the perfect time to make use of all the produce & flavors that are available before the farmer’s markets shut down.  Admittedly, this one requires a lot of specific ingredients plus roasting time for the butternut squash, but it is well worth it!


When You’re Craving Comfort Food: Slow-Cooker Pork & Black Beans

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T-man and I have been making this easy crockpot meal since I spotted it in Real Simple ages ago. I’m shocked by the lukewarm reviews on the site, because we think it is so delicious. The mix of pork shoulder, orange juice and black beans may seem weird, but it’s a fun spin on a Mexican rice bowl. Plus, this meal works really well as leftovers — just be sure to grab an extra avocado so you can refresh the dish the next day.


What are some of your go-to weeknight meals? We’re always looking for things to add to our list and shake up our nightly routine!

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