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No. 1 – hello, 2018

Somewhere along the last year, I stopped doing these sort of ‘life lately’ updates. My intent was always to make them monthly in case you’re curious about all the things that happen in between the blog posts. Are you guys into them? I’d love to know because I’m starting to think about 2018 content and want to figure out if & where this fits in.

First, I thought I’d share my Top 9 Instagrams from 2017. I always think this is so interesting — of course, Instagram “likes” are just one way to figure out what you guys like to see and nobody should place too much value on this. I do love that one of my favorite dress purchases of the year made it into the top! But, it’s also nice to see that you’re into posts about our home, interior inspiration in general, and a few random life updates.

Bubbly Design Co Top 9 Instagrams of 2017

Speaking of which, we’ve knocked a few projects off our house project list including painting our front door and installing new lights in the kitchen and front hall. At less than $30 each, these were the best deal for over our island and I lusted after these for months until they went on sale. {PS – They are currently on sale, so you’re in luck if you want them now!} On the door front, because our house is a dark blue/gray, we debated the door color at length but I’m so happy with the pop of personality it gives the house. The color is Breakpoint by Sherwin Williams.

And in an exciting update — we ordered our first piece from MegMade! She and her husband built a business from scratch refinishing furniture in Chicago. I am obsessed, love supporting an entrepreneur who also gives back and have been stalking her feed for the perfect dresser for our master bedroom. It’s quickly become my favorite piece of furniture in the whole house. As soon as I get it styled, I’ll share more!

Bathroom renovation inspirationvia 1 // 2

Flooring inspiration for upstairs renovationvia 1 // 2

Now we’re squirreling away pennies to take on a few bigger renovations in our upstairs. First and foremost, new flooring throughout and second, a complete gut of the bathroom. It doesn’t currently look like these beautiful spaces, but hopefully it’ll come together in early Spring. Admittedly herringbone hardwood is likely not in our future, but I’d like to do something a little unique. We’ve almost entirely put off “settling in” upstairs for our first year here, so I’m a little anxious to get started.

On a related note, we’re implementing a few new financial suggestions we read about including opening multiple savings accounts targeted at achievable goals like “buying a new sofa” or “upstairs reno.” This helps contextualize the money we spend or save and somehow not lumping it all together makes it more motivational (but I always say to build your emergency savings first). Saving more is always a goal of ours and even more important in home ownership.

So that’s what’s happening in my life lately. Hope you’re all powering through the first week back into 2018!

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