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23 Weeks with Baby P + Gender Reveal!

It’s been a busy few weeks for us between starting our upstairs renovation, making some big design decisions, changing our OBGYN and starting to make plans for my maternity leave.

Although we’re excited about all of these things, the biggest news about my pregnancy is that we now know the gender of Baby P who has also taken on the nickname “Pocket”! We are about 2 weeks late finding out due to our change in doctors and rescheduling appointments. I’m planning to touch more on that decision in a future post but suffice it to say we’re super happy with the switch. Most mamas-to-be can find out the gender right at 20 weeks but we just had our appointment last week!

Turns out Baby P is a…

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That’s right…

Gender Reveal -- It's a Boy!

Baby P is a BOY!

Gender Reveal:

It’s so fun to (finally) know and start using the correct pronoun! I can’t tell you how happy I am to no longer be referring to him as an it. Plus, one of the biggest reasons I wanted to find out was that I felt it would become more real. And the first night I knew we’d be having a SON, I could hardly sleep because I was picturing so many more of life’s little details!

I didn’t want to have a big gender reveal party but also knew I didn’t want to find out in a doctor’s office with a bunch of gel on my belly! So we had our ultrasound tech put the gender in an envelope and took it to a bakery to fill two cupcakes with the appropriate color frosting.

We then opted for a family FaceTime date so there was a little fanfare (but not too much) when we bit into the cupcakes. Funny enough, just before we found out, we took a vote and it was 6 to 1 that Baby P was a boy! I didn’t vote, but if push came to shove I might’ve guessed boy, too. I doubted my gut because I thought for sure, girls run in our family too strongly for it to be anything else!

Other Updates:

The Bump

There are still days I feel like I can hide the bump or don’t notice it as much, but it’s getting more and more obvious. I’m a bit in that stage where I just look like I had an extra burrito for lunch… which is not cute. I’m sure I’ll kick myself for saying this later but I’m looking forward to wearing dresses when I can actually show off a clearly pregnant belly.

In case you missed it, I shared all of my shopping picks and tips for dressing the bump on Monday. There’s a TON in there so I hope it’s useful for you or someone in your life!

The Nursery

As our renovation is winding down (ish), we’ve also been able to make some design decisions for the nursery and even made a few purchases for Baby P. The crib is coming in about a week and holy cow that will make it real!

I actually had the room mostly planned out before I knew Baby P is a boy. We will be keeping it neutral (are you surprised?) with some pops of green & blue. If it was a girl, I was planning to buy this rug as our main source of color. I’ve had my eye on it for awhile, though, so now I’m scheming ways to add it downstairs… A boy can have a pink rug in his playroom, right?!

I’m also so flattered — and a little intimidated that so many of you have told me you can’t wait to see the nursery we design! I’m planning to take you along for the whole journey, starting with the design and mood board next week.

Health & Wellness

I’ve been feeling pretty good with the exception of heartburn. On a few nights I’ve slept propped up with an extra pillow to alleviate it. Luckily my new doctor cleared me for tums (and something if I end up wanting it) so I can get a little relief. I’ve also started feeling shortness of breath when I walk longer distances, so am learning to slow down a bit. I’m a bit nervous to see how commuting goes once it gets warm but am hoping my months of walking & yoga will help me power through.

Mentally I’ve had plenty of ups and downs. Nothing drastic, but I’m thinking the pregnancy hormones are hitting me this trimester. The renovation process requires patience and lots of extra decisions that become tiresome. I’m also constantly thinking about the next thing I need to check off our baby preparation list and often feeling overwhelmed (register at the hospital, research daycare, finish the registry, the list goes on!). T-man has been amazing (as always) doing extra chores, encouraging me and really managing the contractor and renovation. And I just found out two more of my best friends are expecting kiddos in September so I feel buoyed by my growing “mom tribe.”

This weekend we plan to take a break from the construction zone & to-do lists. We’re hoping to drive down to Maryland to visit with my family and I’m really looking forward to seeing my baby nephew and niece! I think it’ll really be the mental break I need.

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